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Welcome to WPT Amneville Day 1a live updates


Day 1a Completed

Day 1a of WPT Amneville has come to a close. Here is a recap of the action from our very own Lee Davy.

Also, here are the thoughts of some of the surviving players from Day 1a

For the full chip counts click on this little link here!


Adrien Allain Talks About His Double Up Hand


Six More Hands

The tournament director has paused the clock and instructed there will be six more hands played tonight. He has asked the chip leader on each table to buy all of the green 25 chips as they are being taken out of play for Day 2.


Wandel Doubles Up

Around 15 minutes ago we reported that Gerd Willi Wandel had been all but eliminated and left with 3,000 chips, well he is still in bad shape but now has close to 7,000 after doubling through Ovidiu Balaj.

Balaj open-raised on the button to 1,700 and then was priced into call when Wandel moved all in for an additional 1,250 more. Wandel stood up from his seat as he turned over his but Balaj did not look too happy about having to call. He took one card, still face down, and rubbed it on the table before turning it over to show the . He then took the second card and rubbed that one on the table too, but for those thinking this was an attempt at a slow roll they would be wrong as the second hole card was the lowly .

“It was blind,” explained Balaj, “I didn’t even look,” which probably explains the rubbing, he was hoping they would magically turn into a great hand. Unfortunately for Balaj it appears he would make a rubbish magician!

The dealer got busy putting out the flop, , hitting both players but Wandel much harder than his opponent. The on the turn failed to alter anything and although the on the river improved Balaj to a full house, it also improved Wandel to a better one and he now has 7,000 chips.

“Deep stacked,” he joked as he stacked up his chips.


Last Level of The Day

We are now into the eighth and final level of play here in Amneville. Blinds are 300/600 with an ante of 75.


Chap Doubles Up

On a flop reading Bona Chap checks from the small blind position, putting the action onto Francois Deville, who bets 2,900. Chap check-raises all in for a total of 6,800 chips and Deville makes the call.


Chap needs to catch an eight, nine or diamond otherwise his WPT Amneville Main Event is over. The turn is the which is no help at all but the river is the completing his flush and doubling Chap up. Chap is obviously delighted as a fist-pump is the same in any language!


Adrien Allain Flips His Way Into Contention

Allain Adrien

There are some people you just do not want to see holding a big chip stack in a tournament and the dangerous Adrien Allain is one such opponent. Here is Allain finding the luck all of the top players need if they are going to have a deep run in a WPT tournament.

Ovidiu Balaj raises to 1,200 from the button and Gerd Wandel cold calls in the small blind before Allain three-bets to 4,500 from the big blind. Action back to Balaj and he made the call before Wandel moved all-in for just just a smidgen under 60,000. Allain was sitting on a stack of 54,375 and so his next decision was going to be his most important of the day. You could tell it was a difficult one and he motioned to fold a number of times before eventually calling. Balaj folded and we had a showdown on our hands with the winner guaranteed over 100,000 in chips.



Wandel retains his lead.


Slam! Wandel strikes the table so hard we thought he was going to break it. The sound drew in the media from all around the room.


It was all over and Allain became our latest centurion whereas Wandel was reduced to 3,000. Wandel was not a happy chappy and he complained numerous times to Allain for making the call. Allain just ignored his opponent but did tell the French media that he was more than happy to flip with Wandel for the 100,000 prize.

Allain – 105,000
Wandel – 3,000


Third Pair Good For Samsonenko

Jerome Brion gets the betting started with a raise to 1,100 from middle position and it looks like he is only going to pick up the blinds and antes but Sergey Samsonenko decides to come along for the ride in the small blind.

The dealer puts out the flop and Samsonenko check-calls an 1,850 bet from Brion. The turn brings the into play and neither player seem too pleased with it and they both check. The on the river receives the same attention and they both check.

Samsonenko shows and Brion mucks.


Vitali’s Preflop Aggression Gets The Job Done

From early position Jerome Dumayet raises to 1,200 and to his direct left Riad Mounir flat-calls. The action folds to Simon Vitali in the small blind and he squeezes to 4,800. Dumayet quickly folds but Mounir gives it some thought. His last thought must have been “fold” because he let his hand go.

Siebenaler Doubles from Nano Stack To Micro Stack

Frederic Raffath raised to 1,250 from the button and Pascal Siebenaler called off his last 1,150 chips from the big blind. Raffath turned over and was in good shape against the of his opponent. However, Siebenaler spiked an ace on the flop and when the turn and river were the and respectively, Siebenaler had doubled up to just shy of 3,000 chips and is still very much short-stacked.


Chap’s Push Gets Through

The action folds to Bona Chap in the small blind and he wastes little time in moving all in for what turns out to be 10,200, or just over 20 big blinds. Arnaud Peyroles is in the big blind and he is agonising over whether he should call or not. He counts out the chips to call and mutters something in French under his breath. After almost one minute he lets his hand go.

Chap decides to show Peyroles and by the looks of Peyroles reaction, he made a good fold.


Three Preflop Pots

Hand #1: The action folds to Luke Fields in middle position and he checks his cards, riffles a pile of green 25 chips before making it 1,075 to play. Nobody calls him and he picks up the blinds and antes.

Hand #2: Everyone folds around to Stephane Albertini on the button and he raises to 1,250. Yoni Journo folds his small blind but Igor Kasianenko three-bets to 3,600 from the big blind. Albertini looks like he is pondering a call but he ultimately folds his hand.

Hand #3: The action folds to Riad Mounir in the cutoff and he raises to 1,250, which is enough to take down the blinds and antes. Mounir is still our chip leader with 170,000 chips.


Level 7 has commenced meaning the blinds are now 250/500 with a running ante of 50.


Players are on a 15-minute break.


Roul Takes Down Four-Way Pot With No Confrontation

Jean Bernard Bros open-limps from the hijack seat and to his direct left Guillaume Roul makes the call. Stephane Albertini, in the small blind, calls and Yori Journo checks in the big blind.

The dealer puts out the flop, Albertini, Journo and Bros all check, Roul bets 1,100 and his three opponents step aside and fold their hands.


Pepe Sent For An Early Bath

Pepe Franck

We have just lost last years runner-up Franck Pepe. We catch the action on the river with the board showing and Pepe has moved all-in for 16,000 into a pot of the same. The player considering the call is Evelyne Mechineau and it must have been a tough decision because Benjamin Pollak calls for the clock. The floorman arrives but there was no need because Mechineau quickly calls and reveals the winning hand.


Mechineau – 45,000
[18:44:56] Lee Davy: Franck Pepe Eliminated


Samsonenko Acts Weak But Is Read As Being Strong

On a flop that reads , Woong Kim checks from the big blind and three seats to his left is Regis Burlot. He pauses before betting 2,200, putting the action on Sergey Samsonenko in the cutoff seat. He fiddles with some chips for around 30 seconds before shrugging his shoulders, and nonchalantly tossing in a single brown 5,000 chip in an almost resigned fashion.

Kim immediately got out of the way but Burlot looked like he thought about calling but he must have smelled a rat because he released his hand into the muck.

Samsonenko: 36,000 chips
Burlot: 88,000
Kim: 24,125


Polychronopoulos Wins At Showdown

Fabrice Douet raises to 1,025 from his seat in middle position. Pierre Canali cold calls one seat to his left as does Athanasios Polychronopoulos. The flop was and Douet bet 2,2000 which prompted a fold by Canali. Polychronopoulos wasn’t scared off so easily and he made the call. The turn was the and both players checked inching us one step further to a showdown. The final card was the and Douet bet 4,000 and Polychronopoulos made the call and won the pot.

Polychronopoulos: [Ax] [Jx]
Douet: [Qx] [Qx]

Polychronopoulos: 75,000 chips
Douet: 40,000


Chipleader Watch

Riad Mounir is our current chip leader with 113,000 chips despite losing a few pots in the following hands.

Mounir raises to 800 in the cut-off and Fabian Jallu calls in the small blind before Samlane Phomveha made the squeeze from the big blind. The price was 2,400 and you just knew Mounir was going to pay it. He did pay the price and Jallu folds leaving the two players to see a flop of [s]. Phomveha bet 2,800 and the chip leader folded.

After a series of limps, Chris Lastiwka restored order with a raise to 1,250 on the button. Two limpers called including Mounir. The flop was a regal looking and Lastiwka took it down with an uncontested 1,850 bet.


Masson Doubles Through Fournier

A preflop raising war saw Cedric Masson all in for 24,300 and at risk of elimination at the hands of Jean-Luc Fournier. The latter held but Masson had committed his stack with . The final board ran out and Masson doubled up.

Masson: 50,000
Fournier: 26,075


Kastle Demolished

WPT Amneville Day 1A

Casey Kastle’s tournament has been ended at the hands of Jose Rivas. On a board reading , Rivas checked, Castle bet 5,525 only to see Rivas check-raise enough to put Kastle all-in for his last 9,500 chips. Kastle called and showed for bottom set but instantly stood up as Rivas showed .

Kastle was drawing to the case three on the river but it did not arrive, instead the landed on the river, improving Rivas to an unnecessary full house and Kastle was sent to the rail.

Thanks to adding Kastle’s stack to his own, Rivas now sits behind a massive stack of 91,000 and is right up amongst the chipleaders.


Level Up

Level 6 has started and blinds are now 200/400 with a running ante of 50.


Who Are The Big Stacks?

These lucky people are the ones with plenty of chips at their disposal.

  • Riad Mounir: 90,000
  • Maxim Fedorov: 74,500
  • Tony Blanchadin: 73,050
  • Marc Inizan: 67,000
  • Luke Fields: 67,000


Schwartz Continues To Climb

Bona Chap raises to 850 from under the gun and his only customer is Jean Francois Schwartz who is seated four seats to his left. Schwartz three-bets to 2,050 and Chap makes the call.

The flop comes down , Chap checks and Schwartz checks behind. The turn is the and Chap checks again but Schwartz has had enough of the passive play and he bets 2,200. Within seconds Chap had mucked his hand and Schwartz adds to his stack.

The impeccably dressed Schwartz is now up to 73,800.


Why So Serious?

Kim Woong

Woong Kim has just asked his table mates, “Why are you all so serious? Nobody talks on this table,” before adding, “I suppose it is a lot of money.”

Kim is doing OK for himself and has 36,000, slightly more than average.


Vitali Doubles Up

We join the action on a flop of , the small blind checks, Simon Vitali bets 1,250 from middle position, Agatino Spitaleri calls in late position and the small blind folds.

The turn is the and Vitali checks to Spitaleri who moves all-in for 10,575 and Vitali makes the call.


The river bricks off and Spitaleri left the building. Vitali meanwhile welcomed a 60,000 stack into his arms.


Spataro Takes Down Pot With C-Bet

Salvatore Spataro opens the betting with a raise to 650 from under the gun. One player folds but Nicolas Babel calls, another players folds before Daniel Fallara (CO) and Athanasios Polychronopoulos (BTN) also called.

Flop: – Spataro makes a continuation bet of 3,500, which folds out his other three opponents.

Poker Faces of The Pros!


Cards Are Back In The Air

The players are back in their seats and Level 5 has kicked off. Blinds are now 150/300 with a running ante of 25.


Break Time

We have reached the halfway pot of Day 1a as Level 4 has been completed. Rejoin us in 15-minutes.


Kicker Plays

Youssef El Bourmi raises to 575 in first position and the action folds around to the player in the small blind who makes the call. Christophe Hutin looks very interested in the big blind and he three-bets to 2,000. El Bourmi makes the call and the small blind folds.

floats down from the dealers hand and Hutin comes out firing with a bet of 2,300 and El Bourmi calmly calls. The turn is the and once again Hutin bets 4.600 and El Bourmi calls. The final card to leave the greasy palm of the dealer is the . Hutin bet 5,600 and you started to sense that this may well turn into a case of “who has the biggest kicker?” El Bourmi makes the call and was victorious at showdown.

El Bourmi: – 52,000
Hutin: – 23,000


Vitali Takes Control

Two players fold and Christopher Lastiwka min-raises to 400. Next to act is Simon Vitali and he three-bets to 900, forcing everyone out of the pot except Lastiwka, who calls. The dealer puts the onto the flop, Lastiwka checks, Vitali bets 1,700 and Lastiwka folds. Easy game.


Pepe Continues To Slide

It is heads up to the flop, last year’s runner-up Franck Pepe is in late position and Benjamin Pollak is on the button. Pepe fires a bet of 650 into Pollak and he sits motionless for a few moments, with his spectacles on his forehead and he makes the call. The turn is the and Pepe shows no signs of slowing down and he bets 1,150. Again, Pollak calls.

The on the river does not seem to bother Pepe and he bets for a third time, making it 1,600 to play but Pollak does not believe him and he raises it up to 5,125. This essentially puts Pepe all in as he only has 11,125 behind, and he decides to get them into the middle in a better spot and he folds.

Pepe: 11,125
Pollak: 35,300


Some Of The Bigger Stacks In The Room

  • Luke Fields: 82,300
  • Antoine Labat: 75,000
  • Valentin Messina: 74,000
  • Nicolas Even: 73000
  • Johan Guilbert
  • Marc Inizan: 70,000
  • Athanasios Olynchronopoulos: 64,000
  • Tony Blanchandin: 63,000
  • Antonin Teisseire: 63,000
  • Paul Ribaud: 62,500
  • Maxime Reuter: 62,000
  • Damien Rony: 61,000


Peters Has Trips Paid Off

On a board reading and with around 6,500 chips already in the pot, Stephanie Peters bets 4,125 from the small blind seat, which sends Johan Guilbert into the tank under the gun. After close to 90 seconds he makes the call but mucks his hand when Peters turns over for trip queens.

Guilbert and Peters began talking to each other in French and Peters then turned over .

Peters: 37,000 chips
Guilbert: 72,000


Lopes Puts Messina In His Place

Valentin Messina raises to 450, Olivier Paris calls on the button as does Thierry Lopes in the big blind. The flop is and Lopes checks to the big stack Messina and he bets 800. Paris folds from the button and Lopes makes his move with a check-raise to 2,000. Action back on to the boss of the table Messina and he re-raises to 5,400 but Lopes moves all-in instantly resulting in a fold from Messina.


Ante Up

Level 4 has just started and the blinds are now 100/200 with a running ante of 25.


Mounir Riad’s Lashkari Stack

Riad Mounir opens the betting with a raise to 450 the UTG+1 seat and the action folds around to Afshin Lashkari in the small blind and he decides to see a flop out of position and makes the call. The flop reads and Lashkari checks. Mounir waits for 15 seconds before making it 450 to play, a bet that Lashkari is prepared to pay and he makes the call.

The turn sees the make an and again Lashkari checks. Mounir tosses a 5,000 chip into the middle and announces “32,” meaning the bet is 3,200. It also prices out Lashkari out of the running and he folds.

Lashkari: 26,000 chips
Mounir: 15,400


Inizan Picks Up Unwanted Pot

From the UTG+1 seat Thomas Maier open-limps and the action folds around to Nabil Nedjai in the small blind, who completes. Marc Inizan taps the table and checks and the preflop betting round is over.

The dealer burns a card and puts out the flop. Nedjai checks, Inizan, who is in the middle of ordering a bottle of water, bets 400 and both his opponents quickly get out of the way.

Inizan: 59,000
Maier: 20,600
Nedjai: 4,800


Two Pots For Diaz

Pierre Canali makes a standard raise from early position and Guillaume Diaz defends his small blind. The flop was and Diaz checks to Canali and he bets 700. Action back to Canali and he check-raises to 1,700 and Diaz makes the call. The turn was the and Diaz continued his aggression with a bet of 2,100 and Canali calls. Time for the final card and it was the . All eyes were on Diaz and he bet 3,700 and Canali was in a pickle, he studies the board and the face of Diaz, hard, before making the fold and Diaz picks up the pot.

A few hands later and we find Salvatore Spataro bluffing at least 15,000 chips into Diaz with on a board. Diaz was sat holding .

Guillaume Diaz: 49,000
Pierre Canali: 43,000
Salvatore Spataro, 31,000

Shuffle Up And Deal Footage

Some footage of the opening of WPT Amneville.


Registration Is Closed

Registration for Day 1a of the WPT Amneville Main Event has been closed and the official number of runners in today’s heat stands at 177, of which 174 are still in the tournament.


Taddei Uses The Power of Position

From under the gun Johan Guilbert raises to 525 and picks up two callers in the shape of Sylvian Taddei (to his direct left) and Mikael Amar (big blind). The dealer gets busy putting out the draw heavy flop, a flop that is initially checked by Amar, Guilbert continues with a bet of 825, Taddei instantly calls but Amar folds.

The turn brings the into play and whilst Guilbert is considering his options, Taddei is staring intensely at him. After 30 seconds Guilbert decides to bet again, this time 1,300 and he is quickly called. Guilbert then slows down and checks the arrival of the on the river but Taddei shows a little less restraint and bets 3,700 but before his chips have hit the felt, Guilbert’s cards are in the muck.


Lebraton’s Preflop Cold-Call Sets Alarm Bells Ringing

Ankush Mandavia opens the betting with a raise to 600 from UTG+1 at his seven-handed table. Next to act is Kenny Hallaert and he three-bets to 1,700, folding out the next couple of players. However, Guy Lebraton cold-calls the three-bet in the small blind and the initial preflop raiser, Mandavia, puts in the extra chips to call.

Flop: – Each of the three players decided to check.

Turn: – Hallaert checks, Lebraton bets 1,700 and both of his opponents instantly muck their hands.


Level 3 Begins

The players are back from their break and Level 3 has begun. The blinds are now 100/200.


Break Time

Level 2 has been completed and that only means one thing, it is break time. We will be back in a around 15-minute’s time.


Lambertz Dodges Kings

Preflop, Samlane Phomveha opens the betting from late position with a raise to 425. Christopher Lastiwka folds next to act and to his direct left, in the cutoff, is the PartyPoker Qualifier Felix Lambertz. He three-bets to 1,200, which would usually be enough to take the pot down. However, he did not factor in Hamimi Bekadi four-betting to 2,500 from the big blind. Bekadi’s bet folds out Phomveha but Lambertz makes the call, albeit almost 30 seconds later.

Flop: – Bekadi leads out with a bet of 2,700 and after close to 45-seconds Lambertz folds and is shown . The players here today seem to be very happy to show their holdings and give away free information.


All-in Bluff With Four-High

We did not catch the action but we have just seen Stephane Peters having to re-stack all of his 32,000 chips after being all-in on a flop. His opponent had mucked but Peters was beaming as he showed his tables mates the monster hand that is !


No Customers For Truche

WPT Amneville Day 1A

Nobody wants to tangle with Leonard Truche over on Table 23, at least not right now anyway. The action folded around to him in the cutoff seat and the platinum-blonde Frenchman raised the ante up to 325 only to see the remaining active players quickly get out of the way.

Truche is very well-known in French poker circles despite having the best of his results in Spain where he has made it to five final table and won two events in the past couple of years. More recently he finished seventh in a €1,800 buy-in tournament in Paris for a career-best score of €24,400 and he will be looking to improve on that finish this week in Amneville.


Vitali Takes a Stab, Picks Up Pot

The action folds around to Thierry Lopes and he makes the unorthodox play of open-limping in the best seat in the house. Christian Kauffmann completes his small blind and Simon Vitali checks his big blind.

After burning a card the dealer puts out the flop onto the felt, a flop that Kauffmann checks only to see Vitali take a stab and make it 225 to play. Lopes almost instantly folds and Kauffmann follows suit shortly afterwards.

Welcome Drinks At WPT Amneville

Here’s a quick video showing the players’ welcome party here at WPT Amneville


What Did He Even Have?

Nicolas Even limps in from under the gun and amazingly the rest of the table folds around to Jean Friio in the small blind, who completes, and Laurent Brach checks in the big blind. The flop comes down and all three players check their option to bet. The dealer puts out the on the turn and again both Friio and Brach checked but Even spoiled the party and fired a bet of 400 into his opponents. They quickly folded and Even proudly showed then the


Benkadi Pays Off Phomveha

The flop comes down and from the big blind Felix Lambertz checks. Two to his left is Hamimi Benkadi and he also checks but Samlane Phomveha on the button bets 1,125. This is enough to price Lambertz out and he folds but Benkadi calls.

The dealer puts the on the turn, Benkadi verbally announces “check,” and Phomveha taps the table and checks. The on the river sees and hears Benkadi check but Phomveha does not check behind, instead he bets 2,500 and is called very quickly indeed.

Phomveha: and the best hand


Dirty Cards

The floor has just been called over to Table 4 so they could replace a couple of cards that had become dirty. The cards were the lowly and the reason they were dirty is because their backs are a very light beige colour. One suspects it will be the first of many deck changes this week!


Level 2 Begins

Level 1 is now completed and Level 2 is under way. This means the blinds are now 75/150


Triple Barrel Wagner

Tobias Wagner raises to 250 from the hijack and PartyPoker qualifier Felix Lambertz calls in the big blind. The flop is and Lambertz check-calls a 300 Wagner bet. The turn is the and once again Lambertz check-calls a Wagner bet; this time 725. The final card was the and after Lambertz checks for the third time Wagner makes another confident looking bet, this time the amount is 1,500 and Lambertz surrenders his hand.

Wagner, 38,000
Lambertz, 25,000


Lemaire Paid Off With Baby Flush

WPT Amneville Day 1A

Hugo Lemaire, the man who finished as runner-up in the WPT Grand Prix de Paris Main Event is in the house and is sat over on Table 26, where he is already making a nuisance of himself.

Lemaire is first to act under the gun and he raises to 300. To his direct left is Ali Bayrak and he calls and the only other player to come along for the ride is Jerome Brion in the small blind seat. The dealer gets busy putting out the flop, which reads , Brion checks, Lemaire makes a continuation bet of 600, which give Bayrak something to think about. He pauses for several moments, re-checks his hole cards and flicks them towards the dealer. However, Brion calls and it heads up to the turn.

The turn is the , Brion quickly checks and Lemaire checks behind without much hesitation. The river is the and again Brion checks to his opponent. Lemaire pauses for less than ten seconds before betting 1,500. Brion sighs then makes the call, except he does so with a red 1,000 chip and a green 25 chip instead of a blue one worth 500. Once he corrects this Lemaire shows him for a rivered flush, enough to beat Brion who folds.


Diaz Aggression Wins Pot

The action folds to Erwan Regnaut in late position and he takes a peek at his cards, likes what he sees and he raises the action to 300. Next to act, in the hijack seat, is Guillaume Diaz and he also seems to like what the dealer has sent his way and he three-bets to 900. This bet is enough to fold out the remaining active players but Regnault tossed in the extra chips to make the call.

Flop: – Regnault checks but Diaz is in no mood for passivity and he fires a substantial bet of 1,100. After 20 seconds “Hollywooding,” Regnault folds and Diaz picks up the pot.


Douet Is Relieved At The River

Kenny Hallaert raises to 250 from middle position, Arnaud Biziere cold-calls one seat to his left before Fabrice Douet squeezes out a three-bet from the small blind. Hallaert folds his hand but Biziere makes the call.


Douet makes a very quick c-bet of 2,600 and Biziere makes an equally as quick call.


Same reaction and same speed: Douet makes it 3,500. This time Biziere really has a long thought but does make the call.


Both players check and Douet rolls over and empties his lungs with relief after Biziere mucks his hand.


Franck Pepe Watch

There is still no sign of our reigning champion but we do have the runner up from last year – Franck Pepe. Pepe took home a princely sum of $320,183 for his second place finish and he is currently occupying the number one seat over at table six. He is in good company with the ever-dangerous Benjamin Pollak holding a position on him and. here is the early action from Pepe.

Franck Pepe raises to 225 in the hijack seat and Arnold Peyroles called in the big blind. The dealer gave us a flop of and Peyroles check-called a 325 Pepe bet. The turn and the river were both checked through and Peyroles won the pot with .

The next action Pepe was involved in was a blind battle. The small blind raises to 250 and Pepe calls. The flop was , the small blind bet 300 and a sharp Pepe raise to 650 won the pot.


Nock Flops Flush

Table 17 is currently being played four-handed and Jeremy Nock has taken full advantage by opening up his starting hand requirements. On a flop, Nock checks from under the gun and Stephane Vuiton taps the table and checks behind. The dealer burns a card and puts the on the turn. Nock leads out with a bet of 500, which is too much for Vuiton to call and he folds his hand.

Nock flashes him for a flopped flush, which prompts a wry smile from his opponent.


Sevens Good For Oliveri Febles

WPT Amneville Day 1A

We joined the action on a flop with two players in the hand, Casey Kastle in the small blind and Gian Carlos Olivieri Febles on the button. Kastle checked to Olivieri Febles, who wasted very little time in making it 350 to play. Kastle, sporting a bright yellow South Africa football jersey, made the call.

The turn brought the into play and once again Kastle checked to his opponent, who checked behind. The river saw similar action with both players checking.

Olivieri Febles turned over and Kastle tossed his cards into the muck.


Shuffle Up and Deal

The tournament director has instructed the dealers to shuffle up and deal, and the WPT Amneville Main Event is under way.


The vast majority of the players are now in their seats but there are still more pouring through the doors and registering for the Main Event. This is causing a few delays in us getting started but as soon as the cards are in the air we will let you know.


Hello and welcome to the Seven Casino d Amneville for this year’s edition of the WPT Amneville Main Event. The €3,200 + €300 Main Event kicks off at 12:00 CET and the plan is to play eight 60-minute levels, meaning we should be done and dusted by around 21:00, if all goes to plan.

Last year Swiss national Sam El Sayed outlasted a field of 542 entrants to pick up the €426,425 first place prize. Can he successfully defend his title? Stay tuned over the next week to discover if he can do just that.

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