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If I was my good buddy Phil Hellmuth, last week would have been a career highlight for me and something I would have been shouting from the rooftops. I was interviewed by the BBC and they told the world what everybody already knows. I am a world-class poker player.

Here I was, talking about searching for the professor issues with one of the world’s biggest news sources and they called me a ‘world class player’. Hellmuth – did you see this? Mainstream media baby – ‘world class’ take it from the BBC. Tell the world! I bet you Phil would have tweeted this in a micro-second. What would it say?

@phil_hellmuth “It’s official – the BBC put out a press release saying what everyone knows – I am world class.”


@phil_hellmuth “Having dinner with Hilary Swank, Slash and a group of Texan billionaires and managed to find five minutes in my schedule for BBC – they just wanted an autograph.”

In fairness, I know that I am not world class but I certainly am on a table of Russians and French. I am world class enough to achieve World Domination – the promotion is back from 7th November.

I’m heading straight for Paris and Moscow – conquer 72 cities by earning PartyPoints and pick up freerolls, cash prizes and a potential top prize of $100,000 on the way. Send in the tanks, get me the Mayor of Vilnius – change the name of the promotion to ‘Total World Annihilation’

Best Phil Hellmuth on Twitter impression in blog comments below wins $25.


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