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Zejnikogoj from Slovenia is one of our latest winners of WPT Vienna package. This televised with buy-in €3,200+ €300 is just around the corner – kicks off March 25th. You can still qualify on PartyPoker tables. Here is Zejnikogoj’s story:

What route did you take to the final WPT Vienna satellite?

I played qualifiers. I started on qualifier for 40$. I think that was on Thursday before Sunday. It was the second Sunday that I played main qualifier. Before I bought in directly for 375$ so I am very happy to succeed in my second attempt.

Tell me how the final WPT Vienna satellite went. What were the key moments?

I started very aggressive. From beginning I tried to win most pots. So, I doubled up pretty soon. Then when there were 30 players left, I lost some of my stack and I was on tilt, and moved some really aggressive all-ins in attempt of re-stealing. Everybody folded.

It was hardest when we were only 5 players left. First 4 won package each. The other 4 players were all very good players. 3 of us had the same stack (20-30 bb). There were a lot of all-in pushes with 20 bb, but nobody called.

Then I got [Jx][Jx] on the button. I open pushed all-in (17bb), when big blind called me with [Ax][Kx]. Flop came [Ax][Qx][Jx]. I hit the set, I won this pot, and this guy was left with only 4bb, so he was out next hand. And I opened a beer!

Tell me about your Party Poker story. How did you get started playing with us?

I started to play one year ago I think. I like to play tournaments, and my friend told me that Party Poker has good tournaments, and so I created an account. I like to play on Party, because of nice tournaments, specially Sundays.

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Tell me how you feel about your Vienna trip.

I am looking forward to go to Vienna. I played in Montesino casino last December, and I really like Montesino. Also Vienna I know, because it is only 4 hours drive from Ljubljana, Slovenia. I am excited thinking about the huge prizepool and to play good thinking poker.

What do you think about WPT?

It will be first WPT for me. I don’t know really much about WPT series. But I know that it is respected, and big players come to play these events.

Any poker players you would love to meet and play against at WPT Vienna?

I would love to play against Isildur or Gus Hansen. Because I like their aggressive style, I would try to learn something from them, or just enjoy watching them play.


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