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Every poker player worth their salt has to visit Las Vegas at some point in their lifetime; they just have to. Thanks to partypoker, you could be heading to fabulous Las Vegas this summer from only $0.01.

The Las Vegas Poker Party runs from July 7 through to July 14 and sees 100 packages worth $12,000 cash won. This cash is deposited into your partypoker account within 48 hours of you winning a package and can be used for flights, accommodation and to buy into any partypoker tournaments of your choice. What’s more, the first 10 package winners will win a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon.

Satellites are running on partypoker right now and start from only $22; you can win your way into these $22 games via $0.01 and $5.50 satellites. These $22 buy-in Las Vegas Poker Party Feeders run daily and award tickets worth $109 to those finishing in the money place. Depending on the time of day, here are between five and 25 x $109 tickets guaranteed.

The $109 buy-in Las Vegas Poker Party Semi Final play like the phased tournaments used on the MILLIONS event and other partypoker LIVE tournaments. Survive for 18 x 10-minute levels and if you have chips in front of you when the 18th level concludes, you will progress to the final stage with your chip stack.

This final stage, the Las Vegas Poker Party Final, can also be bought into directly for $1,050. Should you buy-in direct, you’ll sit down with a stack of 100,000 chips and play for one of 10 x $12,000 packages.
Las Vegas Poker Party

You can play in as many $109 Semi Finals as you wish, but if you progress more than once, you only take your largest chip stack through with you. It is also possible to win more than one $12,000 package but you will only receive one invitation, and a plus one, to the activities.

Las Vegas Poker Party Events

Once you have won your way to Las Vegas, you are free to do as you wish, after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but here is a list of some of the planned activities during the Las Vegas Poker Party.

Date Time (Las Vegas Event
Fri 7 July 10:00pm until late Party at Las Vegas nightclub
Sun 9 July 12:00pm until late Pool party
Tue 11 July 10:00am until 5:00pm Golf day
Thu 13 July All Day Grand Canyon

Before you start trying to win your way to Las Vegas, please familiarise yourself with the travel information and frequently asked questions about the Las Vegas Poker Party by clicking this link.


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