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SPINS Overdrive have arrived and they are not only bringing with them thousands of more ways to win, dynamic starting stacks and blind levels, but a whole host of spectacular promotions to make them even more exciting; no, we didn’t think that was possible either, but it is!

Continue reading this article to discover the potentially bankroll-filling SPINS Overdrive promotions that are waiting for you to enter.

Limited Time Free Ticket Offer

Log into your account via the PartyPoker mobile app between September 1-14, and we will give you a free $0.25 SPINS Overdrive ticket each day you do this. Simply log into the mobile app, receive your ticket, and keep your fingers crossed that you trigger the eye-popping 12,000x multiplier and get to play for a $3,000 prize pool for free!

The 6th Gear Challenge

Shift through the gears by completing SPINS Overdrive challenges, and you could find yourself crossing the finishing line with $10,000 worth of tickets! Running until further notice, the 6th Gear Challenge revolves around SPINS Overdrive, and each challenge is so easy that every player has a shot at bagging themselves the top prize.

Challenge Min Buy-in Min Reward Max Reward</th
Play 1 game $0.25 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll – 1,000 chips $20 ticket
Win a hand with 66+ $0.25 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll – 1,000 chips $50 ticket
Win a game $0.25 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll – 1,000 chips $100 in tickets
Play 3 games $0.25 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll – 1,000 chips $200 in tickets
Win a hand with JJ+ $0.25 $0.25 ticket $500 in tickets
Win 3 games $0.25 $0.25 ticket $1,000 in tickets

Complete the challenges in order, and you win a prize every time you change gear. Ead to the offers section once you have climbed a gear, click “Claim Now” and pick a SPINS Overdrive card to reveal your reward. The challenges reset at 00:00 CET each day, so get your grind on and complete them while you can.

$5,000 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll

The 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll runs every Sunday at 19:00 CET, has a $5,000 prize pool, and is open to everyone. The starting stack is 1,000 chips. However, you could find yourself starting with up to 28,000 chips by getting involved in the 6th Gear Challenge.

You’ll notice in the table above that the minimum prize for some of the gears is 1,000 chips for the 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll. Each time you win one of those prizes, your starting stack in the next available $5,000 6th Gear Challenge Freeroll increases by 1,000. Hit the SPINS Overdrive games with renewed vigour and you could find yourself armed with 28,000 chips while non-SPINS Overdrive players will sit down with a mere 1,000, putting you in the driving seat for the bigger freeroll prizes!

Leaderboards Receive a SPINS Overdrive Overhaul

Our ever-popular leaderboards have received a SPINS Overdrive makeover, so those of you who love grinding out games can still chase down prizes worth up to $400 (in Party Dollars).

$5,000 worth of Party Dollars are waiting to be won each and every day across SPINS Overdrive games and another $5,000 is won by SPINS Overdrive Ultra players!

Both the SPINS Overdrive and SPINS Overdrive Ultra leaderboards award you points based on your game’s buy-in and table multiplier, and pay up to 35 places each day, with prizes starting at $0.25 and increasing to a chunky $400.

Our leaderboards run from 00:00 BST to 23:59 BST each day. We have split each of the leaderboards into seven, so you only compete against other players playing the same buy-in as you, which keeps the playing field as level as possible. Good luck!

Hit the SPINS Overdrive games and see for yourself how PartyPoker has revolutionized the world of jackpot sit & go tournaments.


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