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We have revolutionized SPINS by creating SPINS Overdrive, the new and exiting way to play jackpot sit & go games. SPINS Overdrive gives you thousands of more prizes to win, prize pools up to $1.2 million, new starting stacks, and more. Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about SPINS Overdrive.

Let’s begin with the features that remain the same as traditional SPINS. SPINS overdrive are still played on three-handed tables, the eight buy-in levels between $0.25 and $100 remain, as do the maximum prize pools of $1.2 million. However, there are now some notable difference, changes that make SPINS Overdrive the only way to play jackpot sit & gos.

Thousands of More Ways to Win

First, remember how there were only eight possible prize pool multipliers in our SPINS games? Well, now there are thousands upon thousands of possibilities. You can now trigger multipliers with decimal places, so you can play for, for example, 22.74x or 58.13x all the way up to 12,000x in most SPINS Overdrive or a whopping 240,000x in the $5 buy-in games.

All those additional multipliers mean you will play for the minimum 2x less frequently, meaning larger prize pools for you, which is never a bad thing!

Starting Stacks, Time Banks, and Blind Levels are Dynamic

It is not only the multipliers that are being cranked up because SPINS Overdrive starting stacks are dynamic, too. We listened to your feedback when you said you’d like more play and room to manoeuvre when you played for big prizes, and we have acted upon that feedback.

Your starting stack increases as the SPINS Overdrive multiplier rises. For example, multipliers of 2-2.99x see you sit down with 300 chips, but your starting stack is 500 chips when multipliers reach 3-9.99. Enter the battle with 750 chips if the multiplier lands between 10-239.99, and a cool 1,000 chips for any SPINS Overdrive with a multiplier of 240 or more.

Time banks and blind levels are also dynamic and linked to the game’s multiplier. Time banks start at 10 seconds and increase to 30 seconds for the juiciest pots, while blinds levels range from one minute to five minutes when big money is on the table. Hit one of the biggest multipliers and the pressure will be on, but at least you have more time to consider your options when you are fighting it out for potentially life-changing money.

What Can You Win From SPINS Overdrive?

The minimum and maximum multipliers remain the same for SPINS Overdrive as there were for the previous incarnation of SPINS. Landing a 2x multiplier means you will play for a minimum of $0.50 at the $0.25 level and $200 if you are a $100 SPINS Overdrive player.

The maximum multiplier tops out at an incredible 12,000x for seven of the eight buy-in levels, resulting in prize pools of between $3,000 and a cool $1,200,000. However, get behind the wheel of a $5 buy-in SPINS Overdrive game, and the maximum multiplier weighs in at 240,000x, making a $1,200,000 prize pool possible!

For multiplier of 2-9.99x, SPINS Overdrive play as a winner-takes-all tournaments, with two places paid for 10-24.99x multipliers. Hit a 25x or high multiplier, and all three participants win some of the prize pool. Of course, the champion deservedly takes home the lion’s share of the spoils.

Available on Desktop and Mobile

SPINS Overdrive are available via the downloadable desktop software or on your compatible mobile device, so you will never miss the chance to experience the excitement of SPINS Overdrive ever again, even if you’re on the move.

We are so sure that you will love playing SPINS Overdrive on the PartyPoker mobile app that until September 14, we will give you a free $0.25 SPINS Overdrive ticket every day just for logging into your account! Imagine firing up our mobile app then winning $3,000 in a matter of minutes. It is the stuff poker dreams are made of!


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