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Well, well, well. What a week for poker it has been. The main news of course is that I have doubled the prize money for the Sunday Bike Ride this weekend from my personal cash stash.

I had internet problems last week and you saw fold, fold, fold. Don’t touch my blinds – you took them all and now it is time to get them back. You have been warned.

Congratulations to Antonio Esfandiari on winning the WPT Five Diamond Classic at Bellagio. The waitresses at every nightclub in Vegas can now expect good tips.

How long will the winning bender go on for? My guess five days at least, maybe until the next WSOP? Andrew Robl also made the final table, not bad for a nit. Only joking, it was only a matter of time before he got a result like this he deserved – nice one. What happened, was the clock broken at Bellagio?

Vanessa Rousso on the final table too – what a great spectacle this will be when it makes tv. It just worries me that after this win she is less likely to accept my offer to buy her Lamborghini. I need to get out to WPT events in the US again soon. I have had letters pleading with me to show my guiding hand to the Royal Flush girls – naturally i will do my duty. I saw this preview of the great new season always makes me smile to see Phil Hellmuth getting mangled!

Lots of you have been asking me about Isildur1 getting his sponsorship deal – I wish him the best of luck, he’s a good kid but he should have turned up at the Big Game and worn the mask. I hope he has now passed his driving test. It goes without saying that when I get the opportunity i will crush his young soul.

I have been in talks about bringing a certain furry friend on tour with me. I have been given the thumbs up by the organizers of the Aussie Millions and the Montesino, which is hosting the WPT Vienna in March. I still cannot get Bruno Fitoussi to budge on letting me bring my mascot into the Aviation Club in Paris for the WPT National Series event though.

In the new year I am set to play an exclusive online tournament on and have been brainstorming ideas with my sponsors. A last longer between me and Bruno Fitoussi, if I win the dog gets to enter the poker room? A battle royale with Surinder Sunar? Watch this space, but suffice to say France I am coming for you – get ready to feel the force!

Someone showed me this video this week and I cannot believe someone has edited it in this way. The quality isn’t great but I like the idea, even though I still sometimes cringe at how worked up I got – Ralph Perry gets the pack set on him!


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