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Coverage of Scandinavian Poker Masters – The Game, Scandinavia’s first televised high stakes cash game, airs for the first time in Sweden this weekend. The show can be seen at 12.35am on Sunday night/Monday morning on Kanal 5 and runs for nine weeks at the same time.

Patrik Antonius, Martin De Knijff, Jan Sørensen, Per Hildebrand, Rene Mouritsen, Ilari Sahamies, Fredrik Halling, Tobias Persson, Tony G, and Premier League champion Juha Helppi are amongst those who take part in The Game, where the initial buy-in is a minimum of $50,000.


Patrik Antonius prepares to make a move

Entering this shark pool are two online qualifiers who came through a televised semi-final to both sit down with $50,000 each. The two qualifiers are Johan Ocklind from Uppsala, Sweden and Jan ‘Chili’ Nilsson from Stockholm. Ocklind qualified for just $1 and has since been building a reputation on the professional circuit.

The Game took place in a very stylish setting in London, and clips of the monster pots have already been circulating on the internet HERE.

A spokesman said: “The language at the table is predominantly English. Look out for the six-figure pots and the tension between Ilari Sahamies and Patrik Antonius which makes great television for any poker fan.”

The first show starts with Hildebrand, Sørensen, Sahamies, Tony G, De Knijff and Jan “Chili” Nilsson at the table. Commentary is provided by Peter Backe and Peter “Nalle” Hedlund.

If you can get Kanal 5, enjoy the show!




  1. Wow. Not sure about that move from Antonius. Then again, he’s won a lot more than I ever have ;-)

  2. 2 aggressive Scandinavians going full throttle… didnt anyone expect anything different.