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Timing’s everything. Just ask happynoel, the winner of our latest $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament.

Before Sunday’s showdown happynoel, also known as Noel Hodges from london, was staring unemployment in the face. He’d quit his job three months previously and hadn’t found a new position by the time his leave date came around.

But instead of a depressing Monday morning trip to join the queue at the job centre, Noel was able to wake up ecstatic knowing he’d scooped $68,455 just a few hours before.

Oh, and had we forgotten to mention this was the first time Noel had ever entered the $300K Guaranteed Sunday tournament? Now how’s that for a fairytale ending?

Noel explained: “Before this tourney my best win was $150 on a one table Sit & Go. I normally play $3 to $22 tournaments and actually won my seat to the $300K Guaranteed Sunday via a $3 rebuy tourney.”

Noel was just one of 1,755 players taking part in the latest $300K Guaranteed Sunday, which had a stunning $351,000 prize pool up for grabs on this occasion. As mentioned, Noel’s reward for coming out on top was almost $70,000. Replaying the final hand our champ said: “I had about 80 per cent of the chips and my opponent went all in. I had an ace and it was an instant call.”

And now that he’s a bit more flush for cash, Noel’s already planning for the future, which involves a lot more poker. He revealed: “I will invest a large sum of my winnings but as I’m unemployed I have the perfect opportunity to go pro. I’m certainly going to be a regular in the $300K.”

As for his top tips for those players wanting to emulate his brilliant win, Noel said: “Play the players. Always raise tight and call loose.”

You can get involved in the $300K Guaranteed Sunday on right now. Qualifiers run every day – click here to find out how you can take part.


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  1. Over the moon for you noel,i qualified on30th dec through uk freeroll and then the 50 seat frenzy, like you my first try at the 300k. unfortunately i got about 600th. With another uk winner this week lets keep it up. P.s im on the dole too awaiting knee surgery and you are living my dream haha… hope too see you on the tables one day. all the best, SirMokin..