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Our SPINS games are extremely popular, not least because you can win up to $1 million in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the Top 10 promotion, SPINS at PartyPoker are more exciting than ever before because the promo hands out bags of free SPINS tickets each day across four quick-fire leaderboards.

Fire up the PartyPoker client or open our awesome mobile app, head to the SPINS section and be ready to make your first session count. Why? Because the Top 10 promotion only counts your first ten SPINS results of the day for the promotion! Both normal SPINS and SPINS Ultra earn you crucial leaderboard points.

A day starts at 00:00 CEST and runs through to 23:59 CEST. Your first 10 SPINS results during this period count towards your leaderboard points.

The formula used for each leaderboard is: 10*(0.5*√(1-rank/(n))+0.3*√buy-in+0.2*√(wins)).

Please note, the ‘buy-in’ considered in the formula is minus the rake. ‘n’ is the number of players in the SPINS (always 3). ‘rank’ is your position in the SPINS. ‘wins’ is the cash amount you won in the SPINS.

There are four leaderboards to get your teeth into, each separated by the SPINS’ buy-in. Battle it out in $0.25, $1, $3, and $5 SPINS, and your first 10 results earn you points. You only ever compete for leaderboard glory against players of the same buy-in, but you can opt into and play in all four leaderboards if you wish!

The top 50 points earners at the end of each day win free SPINS tickets. Top the leaderboard and 10x SPINS tickets are all yours, essentially giving you a free shot at the leaderboard the next day! Don’t forget that you also earn cashback points while grinding SPINS, which adds even more value to your sessions!

Top 10 Leaderboard Payout Structure

Position $0.25 SPINS $1 SPINS $3 SPINS $5 SPINS
1 10x $0.25 tickets 10x $1 tickets 10x $3 tickets 10x $5 tickets
2 5x $0.25 tickets 5x $1 tickets 5x $3 tickets 5x $5 tickets
3-5 3x $0.25 tickets 3x $1 tickets 3x $3 tickets 3x $5 tickets
6-10 2x $0.25 tickets 2x $1 tickets 2x $3 tickets 2x $5 tickets
11-50 1x $0.25 tickets 1x $1 tickets 1x $3 tickets 1x $5 tickets

The incredible Top 10 promotion concludes on September 13, so hit the SPINS tables with renewed vigour and see if you can add sacksful of free SPINS tickets to your PartyPoker account!

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