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partypoker player “OdwaznyKot” became the newest SPINS millionaire after literally hitting the jackpot this month.

OdwaznyKot is a professional poker player who has played for a living for the past 10-years. It’s fair to assume he’s seen it all at the poker tables, but he couldn’t believe his eyes when triggered the jackpot multiplier in a $250 buy-in SPINS.

‘Has this really happened to me?’ said OdwaznyKot to the partypoker blog. He revealed he always considered jackpot winners to be incredibly lucky and never imagined he would become one.

The final hand of the tournament saw OdwaznyKot’s successfully hold up against his opponent’s after all the chips were committed pre-flop. This left OdwaznyKot with all the chips in play, thus becoming partypoker’s latest SPINS millionaire.

Second and third-place finishers in the tournament each walked away with $100,000. SPINS are winner-takes-all unless the prize pool multiplier is 120x or above. This monster-sized prize pool was due to a 4,800x multiplier being triggered.

Another SPINS Millionaire

OdwaznyKot follows in the footsteps of James “James23C” Carmichael, who made history on June 11, 2019, when he became the first SPINS millionaire. Carmichael binked his $1,000,000 from a SPINS tournament costing only $5 to enter.

Our big winner plans to put his newfound wealth to good use. A vacation is on the horizon and has the financial freedom to devote more time to self-development. Having a million bucks at his disposal gives OdwaznyKot the chance to pursue his non-poker interests. He keeps his mind sharp by playing chess and keeps physically fit by practising Muay-Thai boxing. OdwaznyKot also enjoys travelling and exploring other cultures.

Poker remains a big part of this SPINS millionaire’s life. He admits to being tempted to enter some larger buy-in tournaments now he has a substantial bankroll. He found poker after being successful in the video game StarCraft just like our very own Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier. OdwaznyKot won his city championships during his youth and believed this would spur him onto greater riches. StarCraft ultimately wasn’t able to provide OdwaznyKot with the financial freedom he was seeking, and so he decided to reinvest his time into other ventures.

This eventually led OdwaznyKot to eventually pursue a career as a professional poker player. It’s a decision that has been truly vindicated with him becoming a SPINS millionaire yesterday.

Poker Skills and Mastery Dominate

Poker players are spoiled for choice when it comes to opting for a site to ground at, so why did OdwaznyKot choose partypoker?

“I like partypoker’s attitude towards professional players who love this game and devote their lives to it. Bonuses, promotions, leaderboards, rakeback systems are really amazing. It’s great to see that party remains the platform where poker skills and mastery still dominate.”

Congratulations to OdwaznyKot, our latest SPINS millionaire.

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