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Wow! Sometimes poker hands occur that take your breath away and once such hand just went down here in the World Poker Tour National London Main Event.

Wang Weikang open-shoved 297,000 from the button with blinds at 10,000/20,000/3,000 and Rasmus Larsen three-bet all in for 1,363,000 from the small blind. Elior Sion was the big blind and he asked for a count before going into the tank for 90 seconds, then emerging with a call, creating a pot of over three million chips!


Sion had the upper hand with his pair of tens and he stayed on top as the board ran out to bust out Weikang and Larsen and to catapult Sion to 3,165,000 chips!

We are down to four in this tournament.

  • Elior Sion: 3,165,000 chips
  • Reece Lewis: 1,595,000
  • Kevin Williams: 346,000
  • Robin Fisher: 281,000
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