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Chip Counts

Blinds have just gone to 6,000 – 12,000 ante 2,000

Daniel Negreanu – 616,000 (+158,000) – 51 big blinds
Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates – 602,000 (+ 36,000) – 50 big blinds
Scott Seiver – 444,000 (+206,000) – 37 big blinds
Jonathan Duhamel – 340,000 (+ 9,000) -28 big blinds
Marvin Rettenmaier – 224,000 (+177,000) – 19 big blinds
Phil Hellmuth – 174,000 (- 67,000) – 15 big blinds

Good level for

Marvin Rettenmaier – The shortest stack at the start of the day doubled through twice and with the eliminations of Antonio Esfandiari and Sam Trickett has locked up at least three points. After his third place finish in heat one, the German is on track for another strong performance

Scott Seiver – The New Yorker, who now lives in Vegas picked up the bagel in heat one which was not the start that the defending champion wanted. Getting a big double up against Sam Trickett not only has given him chips, but got him his first points of this season’s Premier League.

Bad level for

Antonio Esfandiari – The Magician is going to have to really work his magic in the last two heats if he’s to get to the final of the Premier League VI. After picking up just three points in heat one he’s got the bagel in heat two. The key number is, apparently, 18 points so he’s going to need to finish in the top three in the last two heats to stand any chance.

Sam Trickett – The Brit was a little worse for wear in heat one, but it didn’t stop him picking up 11 points, a more than solid start. But despite being fresh as a daisy for heat two Trickett lost a big pot with queens against Seiver’s kings and had to settle for two points. It remains to be seen what position he’ll find himself in when the heat is over.

Hand of the level

When you’re down to just over six big blinds picking up aces is very welcome, what’s even better if you can find an opponent with pocket kings. That’s exactly what happened to Marvin Rettenmaier, that double up gave the German momentum and more importantly a stack that when he later found ace-eight and got a call from Sam Trickett’s ace-seven meant that Trickett was left with just one big blind and soon after, just two points.

View from the booth

“This is the first chance we’re going to get to see Scott Seiver play his real game.” – Jesse May

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