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Have you played any of our Hit or Miss tournaments? How did you find them? Exciting is probably the most common word we’ve heard to describe them, especially when the bubble bursts and the unique payout structure has to be considered.

The prizes in a standard poker tournament increase as players are eliminated and while this is also true of Hit or Miss tournaments, there is a unique twist that sets them apart from the rest and means you have to approach them differently to a standard tournament.

Once the money places are reached, the Hit or Miss format comes into play. The prizes alternate between cash (Hit) or a freeroll entry (Miss), meaning you have to play a cunning game in order to be successful in them. What’s more, the cash prizes on offer are larger than in a tournament with a similar buy-in and this means securing a hit is far more important than being left with the miss consolation prize.

So how should you approach Hit or Miss tournaments? Is there a strategy available to help you beat them? Thankfully, there is. Although one of poker’s amazing features is that you can play the game however you like, our resident poker strategist Josef Rantamaki has created a short video for you that highlights some superb Hit or Miss strategies.

One area that influences your play in the latter stages of Hit or Miss tournaments is Independent Chip Modelling or ICM as it is often abbreviated to. ICM assigns a value to your chips and those of your opponents and can be used to see if a fold, call or all-in bet is mathematically profitable. It can seem daunting at first, but Josef has made a video for you that introduces the basics of ICM.

More Hit or Miss Tournament Tips

If the Hit or Miss strategy video has got you wanting to learn more about them why not check out these five tips for beating Hit or Miss tournaments? You’ll find out about going on the attack, widening the range of hands that you play and more.

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