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Our Cash Game Leaderboards continue to pay $250,000 every week and players from around the world are padding their bankrolls with bags of cash.

One of those players is “Iwannagethigh” from Belgorod, Russia, who recently won the $0.02/$0.05 Pot-Limit Omaha leaderboard and banked a cool $500, or 1,000 big blinds!

Poker has been this Russian’s only income stream for the past three years. We’re sure this $500 boost to his earning will be most welcomed. Amazingly, it’s only recently that Iwannagethigh started playing PLO cash games. It’s turned out to be a great decision.

“I started playing poker eight years ago and tried every format in the world. I played tournaments for the last three years, but I can’t say I was comfortable there. I switched to PLO cash games and the rest is history.”

Iwannagethigh discovered the Cash Game Leaderboard promotion via a banner on the partypoker website. He instantly knew he was going to aim for the top spot.

“I was immediately motivated to win a leaderboard. I won this one on my third attempt. It took 10-12 hours of playing poker per day, usually between six and nine tables of fastforward, with some regular tables thrown in.”

Like many of the winners we’ve interviewed recently, our Russian friend loves the leaderboards for the increased action at the tables.

“I think this is a brilliant promotion because it creates a lot of action. I hope partypoker continues to think about players in tough times like these.”

A Mathematical Approach Wins $5,000

Ukraine’s “Sabuna_2010” is another partypoker player celebrating a bankroll-boosting prize. He got his hands on $5,000 after topping the $0.50/$1 No-Limit Hold’em leaderboard.

Sabuna_2010, or Oleg to his friends, is a 30-year-old professional poker player from Odessa. He’s played poker for a living for 10 years, two years after discovering this incredible game.

“I started playing in 2008 after receiving a free money offer. First, I played micro limits cash games, then I went to tournaments. I quickly realised MTTs were not for me and I came back to cash games.”

Oleg took a mathematical approach to his leaderboard charge. He figured out how many points would be needed to win before settling on his stakes.

“I play from NL100 to NL1000 these days but decided to grind NL100 after doing some calculations during the first weeks of the promotion. I knew how many points you need to earn to win at every stake. I then picked the one I felt most comfortable playing for 14 hours per day.”

It turned out to be a good decision because Oleg stormed away with the $0.50/$1 leaderboard’s top prize. Again, he’s a big fan of the action our $1 million Cash Game Leaderboards create.

“I love the promo because it creates action. It’s great when NL2000 regulars don’t come to NL200 because they don’t give any action. It’s a great chance for a lot of regulars to get great cashback, build a bigger bankroll and possibly jump into higher stakes in the future. I would be happy to win it one more time if I get the chance!”

Cash Game Leaderboards Continue

You still have plenty of chances to follow in this duo’s footsteps because the Cash Game Leaderboard are still running. Click this link to see the 16 different leaderboards, choose one, get your grind on, and it could be your name adorning the partypoker blog!

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