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The Sunday Party is one of our most popular tournaments thanks, in part, to it boasting a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. This week’s edition received the McLaren Turbo Series treatment, which saw play take place on seven-handed tables, and the blinds increase to a turbo structure.

Those changes proved popular, with 1,104 PartyPoker players buying in for $109 and creating a guarantee-busting $110,400 prize pool. Half of that sum went into the main prize pool, where 188 finishers received a slice. The other 50% went onto the heads of each entrant in the form of a bounty, and some of those bounties grew into substantial prizes, as you are about to discover.

Thanks to those bounties mentioned above, all seven finalists walked away with at least $1,614 for their efforts. In fact, the seventh-place finisher, “OOKevOO,” collected $1,799 in total because of the large scalps they banked before busting.

“Pet3r Petrelli” netted $1,614 for finishing in sixth, while “LawyerDad68” saw their impressive run end in a fifth-place finish, which added $3,451 to their PartyPoker account. Some $1,489 of that payout stemmed from bounties!

Fourth place and $4,154 went to “WickedWinzero” before “jesisdead” ran out of luck and steam to finish in third for a $5,232 payday.

Heads-up pitted “tutuia” against “dudadantas” in a battle for the substantial final bounty. Each of the last standing duo secured at least $6,526 from the main prize pool, but the last bounties were worth more than that payout!

Eventually, “tutuia” came away with the victory and a total prize worth $13,503. Runner-up “dudadantas” walked away with a respectable $8,135 consolation prize.

McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Party Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 tutuia $6,966 $6,537 $13,503
2 dudadantas $1,609 $6,526 $8,135
3 jesiesdead $1,014 $4,218 $5,232
4 WickedWinzero $1,297 $2,857 $4,154
5 LawyerDad68 $1,489 $1,962 $3,451
6 Pet3r Petrelli $203 $1,411 $1,614
7 OOKevOO $855 $994 $1,799

Don’t worry if you missed out on McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Party glory because you get another bite at the $100,000 guaranteed cherry on August 20 and again on August 27. As always, a plethora of satellites from only $0.01 feed into the event, opening the door to riches for every PartyPoker player.

“Knight1989” Turns $22 into $3,253

The McLaren Turbo Series edition of the Sunday Carnival saw 1,687 players exchange $22 for the chance to become the tournament’s champion. Those entries resulted in a $33,740 prize pool, a decent chunk more than the advertised $30,000 guarantee.

Four of the seven PartyPoker players who navigated their way to the final table returned home with a four-figure payout in tow. “atlantispirit” ($556), “Cha-Ka” ($686), and “T-777” ($681) still managed to achieve a healthy return on their initial investment.

After claiming $1,007 worth of bounties, the second-most of the event, “LovFISHandCHIPS,” crashed out in fourth for a combined prize worth $1,814. They were joined on the rail by “omegalulz,” who saw $1,978 land in their PartyPoker account.

“varessi8888” eliminated six opponents from the Sunday Carnival but could not quite claim a seventh, which would have made them a PartyPoker champion. Instead, they had to make do with a runner-up finish worth $2,049 and leave “Knight1989” to scoop up a $3,253 top payout.

McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Carnival Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Knight1989 $1,350 $1,903 $3,253
2 varessi8888 $151 $1,898 $2,049
3 omegalulz $777 $1,201 $1,978
4 LovFISHandCHIPS $1,007 $807 $1,814
5 T-777 $126 $555 $681
6 Cha-Ka $288 $398 $686
7 atlantispirit $279 $280 $556

Like the Sunday Party, there are another two chances to become the McLaren Turbo Series Sunday Carnival champion. Whether you buy in direct for $22 or win your way in for pennies, be ready to play at 19:05 BST on August 20 and August 27.

McLaren Turbo Series Results So Far

Event Buy-in Entrants Prize Pool Champion Prize
#01 Daily Sprint 8-Max PKO $22 673 $15,000 MBen10 $2,261*
#04 Sunday Party $109 1,104 $110,400 tutuia $13,503*
#05 Sunday Carnival $22 1,687 $33,740 Knight1989 $3,253*
#06 Daily Sprint 7-Max PKO $22 561 $11,220 LorenTheBest $1,830*
#07 Daily Sprint 6-Max $11 348 $5,000 Lamanch66 $929

*includes bounty payments


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