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How does winning £20,000 sound? Great, right? What if we told you that you could be playing for a first place prize of at least £20,000 for only a $2.20 investment, would that be even better? Thanks to the new DTD200 tournaments you can do exactly that.

DTD200 tournaments are the new weekly tournaments created by our friends at Dusk Till Dawn. Costing only £200+£20 to buy into directly at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, or $275 if you fancy playing an online Day 1 at partypoker, the DTD200 events have a huge £100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Each week, the tournaments change format from full ring, to six-max, to a bounty event, eight-handed, and then back to full ring, keeping the DTD200 tournaments fresh, exciting and giving you the opportunity to try your arm and test your skills over a quartet of formats.

The live elements of the DTD200 tournaments take place over the course of a weekend, which means most people will not have to take time from their day jobs in order to play for a share of a guaranteed £100,000, which includes 20x £550 MILLIONS seats.

Anyone who manages to navigate their way through to Day 2 is awarded a min-cash of at least £400; the min-cash for the £150+£50+£20 bounty edition of DTD200 is set at £300.

The experts at Dusk Till Dawn have tweaked the blind structure to ensure there is plenty of room to manoeuvre throughout the tournament. Everyone starts with 30,000 and plays to blinds that start at 75/150/25a. There is a 30-minute clock for Live Day 1s on a Saturday, 15-minutes for the Live Turbo Day 1s on Sundays, and a 12-minute clock for the Online Day 1s that run Thursday and Friday. The blinds are rolled back to the 3,000/6,000/600a level at the start of Day 2.

Although a £220 buy in is unlikely to break the bank for a large section of partypoker and Dusk Till Dawn’s customers, we want to give everyone a chance of winning big so have devised an affordable satellite tree that starts with buy-ins as low as $2.20.

These $2.20 buy-in DTD200 Mini Feeders run daily at 5:00 p.m., 7:00 p.m., and 9:00 p.m. and guarantee at least five seats worth $11 will be won. The $11 buy-in DTD200 Feeders, which run three times daily, award and feed into $55 buy-in satellites, which in turn award £220 ($275) seats to the Online and Live Day 1s.

DTD200 satellites

You’ll find all of the DTD200 tournaments under Live Events>Dusk Till Dawn [DTD]>Deepstack [DTD] in the partypoker tournament lobby.

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