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The partypoker MILLION is a special tournament, but the most recent edition had even more pizazz. Three of the talented players who navigated their way to the final table did so while streaming on their Twitch channels, including our very own Matthew Staples.

Twitch continues to be an extremely popular platform for poker players to showcase their skills and interact with their fans. Matthew Staples is a regular Twitch streamer, as are Malta-based Frenchman Johan “YoHHHHH_ViraL” Guilbert and Bryan “Hei KID” Paris. These are the trio of stars who played out the final table of the weekend’s partypoker MILLION final table while streaming their play. It gave a unique feel to the tournament as you can watch three elite players share their thoughts while they fought it out for massive cash prizes.

Guilbert Crashes Out in Fifth-Place

Guilbert streamed his entire Sunday session and saw the excitement factor ramp up when he reached the MILLION final table. The eccentric Frenchman saw 10,000 viewers tune in to his stream as he battled it out for the MILLION’s top prize.

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Unfortunately for that legion of followers, Guilbert busted in fifth-place for a $41,500 score, still an impressive return on a $215 investment. He came unstuck when he jammed 5.2 big blinds with and was called by “RaiderNation888” who held A final board reading saw Guilbert, who has the most ridiculous grinding setup, bust in fifth place.

Staples Locks Up Biggest-Ever Online Score

Our very own Matthew Staples found himself in the final three spots and guaranteed his largest-ever online poker tournament score. Staples has been grinding like crazy and building his bankroll along the way.

He added another $93,003 to his bankroll with a third-place finish here. Staples’ demise happened when Paris open-shoved from the small blind for 23.6 big blinds, but the shove was 11.2 big blinds effective because that’s all that Staples had in front of him.

Our hero called the shove with and found himself against the dominating . A final board reading sent Staples home in third place.

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Staples spent plenty of time discussing his exit hand shortly after busting. It’s worth noting he’s now built a $240,000 bankroll from only a $7 base! That is incredible, to say the least.

Paris Climbs to More Than $12 Million in Earnings

Bryan Paris has now more than $12 million in online poker tournament cashes thanks to chopping the partypoker MILLION for more than $171,000. Paris progressed to heads-up against “Crixus-the-Gaul” when he sent Staples home in third place.

A couple of hands saw Paris trail 2,900,277,571 chips to 3,884,107,958, which was nothing really with the size of the blinds. This prompted the heads-up duo to make a deal for the remaining prize pool.

First-place was meant to be $206,760 with second-place weighing in at $144,845. The deal made those payouts shallower with Paris getting his hands on $171,313 and the champion taking home $180,292.

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partypoker MILLION Final table Results (May 3, 2020)

Place Player Prize
1 Crixus-the-Gaul $180,292*
2 Bryan “Hei KID” Paris $171,313
3 MatthewStaples $93,003
4 RaiderNation888 $60,509
5 Johan “YoHHHHH_ViraL” Guilbert $41,500
6 DorianVnlza $28,139
7 Zi_JaMMieST $19,743
8 Blaze $12,640

It’s very rare to find three streamers at the final table of the same major online poker tournament, but it’s great to watch all three streams and see how each of the grinders approached their time in the limelight.

Be sure to check all three streams out and head to the official partypoker Twitch channel if you love watching poker action.

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