Fritjof Torstensson can call himself a World Poker Tour champion because the Swedish star was the last man standing in the WPT #02 Mini Main Event, a result that came with a hefty $78,769 prize. Amazingly, Torstensson who his seat in this tournament via a $5.50 satellite.

WPT #02 Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Fritjof Torstensson Sweden $78,769*
2 Joshua McCully New Zealand $71,016*
3 Michiel Brummelhuis Netherlands $41,984
4 Maxim Mamonov Russia $27,439
5 Josue Sauvageau Canada $18,808
6 Jakob Miegel Austria $14,531
7 Goran Mandic Croatia $11,461
8 Vlad Lache Argentina $9,086
9 Kenn Hallaert United Kingdom $7,169

*reflects a heads-up deal leaving $5,000 more for the winner

The nine-handed final table got underway under the watchful eye of our Twitch commentary team after John Duthie finished in tenth place. Each of the finalists were guaranteed $7,169 but none of them wanted to collect that sum. Someone had to, and Kenny Hallaert was that someone.

Hallaert’s exit hand saw him min-raise to 800,000 with and the action folded to Josue Sauvageau in the big blind. They woke up with and three-bet all-in. Hallaert called off the 6,408,256 chips he had behind. The five community cards fell , and the final table had its first casualty.

Eighth place and the tournaments last four-figure score, $9,086, went to Vlad Lache. Everyone folded to Lache on the button, and he looked down at . With only 12 big blinds in his stack, there was only one move to make: all-in. Lache did shove, and Michiel Brummelhuis called with . Lache looked set for a much-needed double until his Dutch opponent spiked a five on the flop of the board.

Goran Mandic busted in seventh-place at the hands of Jakob Miegel. Mandic raised three-times the big blind to 1,800,000, leaving himself only 67,377 chips behind. Miegel called from the next seat along. The rest of Mandic’s chips went into the middle on the flop, and he was snap-called. Mandic rolled over but Miegel held . The turn and river fell and , gifting Miegel quads!

Miegel was the next casualty despite winning Mandic’s chips. He min-raised to 1,40,000 with from under the gun, Brummelhuis woke up in the cutoff with and three-bet to 4,200,000. Maxim Mamonov squeezed to 9,850,000 with in the small blind before Miegel jammed for 24,176,659. Brummelhuis moved all-in for 29,079,271 in total, which folded out Mamonov. The five community cards fell to send Miegel to the showers.

Fifth-place went to Sauvageau after a battle of the blinds with Joshua McCully did not go to plan. McCully raised to 2,240,000 during the 350,000/700,000/87,500a level, doing so with . Sauvageau three-bet to 6,090,000 with only for McCully to come over the top with an all-in bet of 34,759,778, and Sauvageau called off the 19,477,593 chips he had in his stack. McCully was in bad shape and his stack was set to be obliterated. That was until a ten landed on the river of the board. Good game.

Sauvageau’s exit saw Mamonov ladder up a payout place despite only holding 16 big blinds. He busted after limping in for 800,000 with . Torstensson completed his small blind with , and Brummelhuis raised to 4,640,000 with . Mamonov responded by jamming all-in for 19,582,637, which only Brummelhuis called. A final board reading sent Mamonov to the rail.

Heads-up was set when Brummelhuis fell by the wayside. Torstensson min-raised to 2,000,000 with , Brummelhuis shoved for 22 big blinds with and McCully looked ripped it in for 40,648,809 with . Torstensson called to put both his opponents at risk of elimination. McCully scooped the 103,621,310 pot courtesy of hitting a flush on the board!

The chip counts were almost level going into heads-up so it was unsurprising to see the final two players strike a deal. The deal left $5,000 for the eventual champion.

That champion is Torstensson after he ground his opponent down before securing his entire stack. The final hand of the WPT Online Series Mini Main Event saw McCully open to 2,520,000 with , Torstensson three-bet to 6,600,000 with before calling McCully’s jam for 25,437,909. Torstensson flopped a set on the board to leave McCully drawing extremely thin. The queen on the turn gave him a glimmer of hope, but the river busted him.

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