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Yadda Yadda Yadda – Okay skip this next bit and head straight to the handles if all you want are great twitter handles, however long story short a while back I wrote a piece entitled Top 50 Poker Twitter Handles That You Need To Be Following which going by the numbers you all loved. Intentionally I aimed it towards the reporting of the World Series Of Poker (WSOP) and maybe that should have been in the title?

However trust me when I say I’ve never received so many comments/complaints/suggestions along the lines of “Oh man you idiot you forgot such and such player….” so it really seems that you want to know which poker playing twitter accounts to follow right?


Now whilst no list is ever, let me repeat that EVER EVER going to be complete (And still I’m going to get “you idiot you forgot…”) I of course fully welcome all the “ohh man not again look you forgot…such and such” here listed simply in alphabetical order that’s all is our list which trust me will never be complete, did I mention that, what? No, NEVER EVER COMPLETE…

With that out of the way some of these are pure genius, some are well written and thought provoking, some clearly have way too much free time on their hands but are all worth a look:

1. @_FullFlush1_ – Luke Schwartz claims he’s the best poker player in the world.
2. @AllenCunningham – With that many WSOP bracelets you should follow him.
3. @allenkessler – Aka The Chainsaw, enough said?
4. @Amatos_poker – Well known and liked Spanish player who’s very community focused.
5. @AMFrankenberger – First he played Wall Street now he plays poker, very very well.
6. @Andrew_Robl – His twitter profile says it all “Gambler”
7. @Annette_15 – Annette Obrestad claims she never deposited money on any poker site.
8. @annieduke – As well as all her success she also wrote Decide to Play Great Poker great read.
9. @Anton_Wigg – A non stop poker machine if you go by his Hendon Mob results!
10. @b_campanello45 – Bryan Campanello
11. @barrygreenstein – All round nice guy, the Robin Hood of poker they call him.
12. @BeL0WaB0Ve – Kevin Saul
13. @brianchastings – “24 year old poker player and cool guy” what more do you need?
14. @cada99 – 2009 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
15. @CarlosMortensen – 2001 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
16. @cmoneymaker – 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
17. @Daleroxxu – Really?
18. @danfleyshman – Knows his way around the table and does a lot of work for charity.
19. @daniel_shak – Get ready for a Shak Attack!
20. @danobrienpoker – All that and World’s #1 grill master for open face barbecues.
21. @dansmithholla – Again go check his Hendon Mob results and you’ll see why!
22. @devilfish2011 – For stories you just won’t believe.
23. @davidv1213 – For sure one to watch.
24. @DominikNitsche – Third in Country Flags on Hendon Mob – Yes he cashes a lot.
25. @EdogPoker – That’s Erick Lindgren and he loves a good prop bet!
26. @elkypoker – Triple Crown Winner.
27. @epitomised – James Atkin, runs a good blog too!
28. @ericmizrachi – Says it all “I play with cards, chips & peoples minds!”
29. @Erik_Seidel – Well he’s in the Poker Hall of Fame are you?
30. @EugeneKatchalov – “Poker Player living the dream out of a suitcase” awesome.
31. @evybabee – Evelyn Ng “pro poker player / fake plastic guitar enthusiast / xboxDj”
32. @felipemojave – Brazilian poker player all over the place!
33. @FenwayKing – Great twitter account one to watch.
34. @FoieGrasAddict – Winner of the 2011 Doyle Brunson World Poker Classic, fan of bocce.
35. @FossilMan – 2004 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
36. @gregfbt – Two-time World Series of Poker Bracelet Winner.
37. @GregMerson – 2012 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
38. @hollywood_dave – The self proclaimed “bad boy of blackjack”
39. @HuckleberrySeed – “Drifter, off to see the world…” this should be good…
40. @IJasonAlexander – Used to be on some show on TV, plays poker now…
41. @ikepoker – Isaac Haxton has a list of results on Hendon Mob about the length of my arm…
42. @ItsJohnnyChan – Two-time back-to-back WSOP Main Event World Champion
43. @JakeCody – “Youngest ever triple crown winner.”
44. @James_Akenhead – Part of the London based poker group The Hitsquad.
45. @JasonKoon – “Living in the moment” what can we say?
46. @JasonMercier – Really? Come on…
47. @JamieKerstetter – Team PartyPoker pro, animal lover, pizza eater and occasional tax attorney
48. @JeffMadsenobv “sparkle obsessed chick nicknamed Jennicide.” What’s not to like?
49. @johneamespoker Tony G’s son…
50. @JonathanLittle Jonathan Little
51. @JosephHachem – 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
52. @JonathanDuhamel – 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event Winner.
53. @JP_Kelly5 – Another non stop poker machine look at his Hendon Mob results!
54. ‏@jvfricke – Jimmy….
55. @MagicAntonio – A legend know on and off the felt!
56. @junglemandan – The kids a genius.
57. @JustinBonomo – Once again knows poker inside out going by his Hendon Mob listings.
58. @KaraOTR – Kara Scott has some of the best tweets out there.
59. @KevinMacPhee – Deep…”. I play poker to lose myself in the game…”
60. @LaceyJones – “TV Host • Model • Poker Player”
61. @leechilds – Quite the list of cashes on his Hendon Mob account.
62. @LeoMargets – “Do More Of What Makes You Happy”, we like that.
63. @lindleyloo – “World Poker Tour’s Ones To Watch” alrighty…
64. @Liv_Boeree – “Metalhead, Physics-lover, Adrenaline Junkie”
65. @LuckBoxJuanda – Trust us he’s no luckbox or is he?
66. @MadMarvin – No list would ever be complete without Marvin plus he plays on PartyPoker!
67. @mariaho – Probably better than you’ll ever be at this game right?
68. @Maridu – You had us at “if we listen to enough Beatles, & Led Zep all problems in the world can be solved….”
69. @MastaP89 – WSOP Main Event Winner in 2011.
70. @Matthew_Waxman – “Professional poker player and entrepreneur”
71. @mcleankarr – “@Tattytats Armcandy” what can we say?
72. @melanieweisner – Pretty good on a unicycle.
73. @MikeMcDonald89 Operator of bankoftimex
74. @milkybarkiid  – Ben Grundy
75@mitchell1969 – Mitchell Cogert – Author of Tournament Poker: 101 Winning Moves
76. @Moorman1 – Poker player, world traveler and football enthusiast.
77. @mwbinger – Over 10 years of cashes on his Hendon Mob page.
78. @msalsberg – Matt Salsberg need we say more…
79. @nickbinger – Poker Player, Traveler, Snowboarder
80. @noahjschwartz – “Its Schwartzieee Baby…” yep that’ll work for us.
81. @olivierbusquet – “Knowledge seeker” well that’s what we’re after too.
82. @paulgees81 – Paul Volpe
83. @Patnitrof  – “Part time poker player, full time troublemaker” sounds fun right?
84. @phil_hellmuth – How many WSOP bracelets does one man need?
85. @PhilGalfond – We could all learn a thing or two from this fella.
86. @‏professorben – A wise chap.
87. @RaSZi  – Lex Veldhuis
88. @realcharder30 – Christian Harder
89. @RealJamieGold – WSOP Main Event winner 2006.
90. @RealKidPoker – Outspoken and well liked in the poker community
91. @roothlus – Very funny guy and obviously great poker player.
92. @Samtrickett1 – Ex footballer turned pro poker and exceptionally good at it.
93. @ScottBaumstein – Team PartyPoker Pro, Commentator, Coach, Pretty good at Minesweeper
94. @shaundeeb – “Please enjoy my messups and bad grammar” okay.
95. @subiime – Joseph Cheong
96. @sorelmizzi – 2010 Bluff Magazine Player of the Year
97. @steveodwyer – Quite an impressive list of cashes on his Hendon Mob page.
98. @texdolly – WSOP Main Event winner 1976 and 1977.
99. @TomDwan – Tom Dwan
100. @thegrinder44 – Michael Mizrachis account is well worth following.
101. @thehitwoman – Pro player married to Erick Lindgren.
102. @TheReaLMander – Amanda Musumeci – “Cool Cucumber”
103. @thescottynguyen – WSOP Main Event winner 1998 baby…
104. @yellowsub86 – Jeff Williams

Once again, let me know who I clearly missed…

Wow a ton of twitter handles and I clearly still missed ALL your favorites right? So let’s hear it, get it off your chest, you’ll feel better for it. Really these are the times I love getting feedback from you guys. Leave them in the comments below along with something witty, and of course many thanks in advance.

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