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With the upcoming Premier League 7 so close we can almost taste it we figured we should take a trip down poker memory lane. Revisiting some of the most infamous poker hands ever to be played out between some of the biggest names in poker in recent history. Here are our Top 10 partypoker Premier League hands ever….

Hellmuth vs Dwan: Heat 2 – Premier League III

On the very first hand of this heat in the Premier League III Tom Dwan flops the stone cold nuts and checks it three times to Phil Hellmuth who bets every street. When Dwan check-raises all-in on the river can Hellmuth, who’s turned a flush, get away from it?

Luke Schwartz vs David Benyamine: Heat 6 Premier League IV

This was Luke Schwartz at his best and his worst, or should we say brashest. He makes a good read on David Benyamine and forces the Frenchman to fold his hand after he’d made a big bet on the turn. “In your eye David Benyamine, you just got so pwnd,” he spouts as he puffs out his chest. But Benyamine would have the last laugh as he’d beat Schwartz heads-up for the title in the final.

JC Tran bluffs Phil Hellmuth: Heat 2 Premier League IV

Phil Hellmuth was going after JC Tran all heat and Tran got his own back in this pot, running a big bluff on Hellmuth that just about got through. “Oh my JC,” said Jesse May in the commentary box when Tran made his move. “Now I’m really on tilt,” said the Poker Brat as Tran showed him the bluff.

Luke Schwartz five-bets all-in with six high: Heat 1 Premier League IV

Vanessa Rousso started the hand by limping with six high, Luke Schwartz ended it by shoving with six high. In-between what happened was a case of who blinks first between Yevginy Timoshenko and Luke Schwartz. “Are you serious?” said Phil Hellmuth in the commentary box. Just wow doesn’t do it justice. (starts 17 minutes 30 seconds in)

Tom Dwan makes JC Tran lay down the third nuts: Heat 7 Premier League III

Was this the best bluff ever or the worst laydown? You decide. On a 9h-Ad-Jc-Jh-Jd board Dwan holds Qc-10s, whilst Tran has As-10d. With just 50,000 in the pot Dwan sets Tran all-in for 100,000. “I don’t mind Tom’s play, he’s betting twice the pot and JC needs to right a high percentage of the pot,” says Annette Obrestad from the commentary booth. Could you lay it down? THIS IS A GOOD ONE FOR A SET-UP DANY!!

Duhamel owns Esfandiari: Heat 3 Premier League VI

With a 6h-3s-Jd-Ks-9s board on the felt Antonio Esfandiari fires a third bullet with just ace high – Ad-5s to be exact. An out of position Jonathan Duhamel contemplates his action with Ah-10d for a better ace high. “If Jonathan calls this I don’t want to play poker against him anymore,” says Phil Laak. The Unabomber’s head explodes when Duhamel shoves! “One of the greatest plays ever,” was how Jesse May described it.

Negreanu’s chips go everywhere: Heat 7 Premier League VI

Whilst Daniel Negreanu is well versed in getting into spats of the table his on table demeanour’s default setting is personable, chatty and smiley. So that’s what makes this physical outburst in his final heat all the more explosive.

Tom Dwan puts his Premier League on the line: Final heat Premier League V

Due to the unique points scoring system in The Premier League the final heats of the Premier League can throw up some unique situations. One of the best occurred in the Premier League V when Tom Dwan took a huge risk against Vanessa Selbst. (starts 26 minutes 15 seconds in)

Tony G blows up: Heat 6 Premier League IV

What would the Premier League be without Tony G? He’s the only ever present across every series of The Premier League is Tony G. First let’s look at the bad, his nadir was in the Premier League IV when he seemingly couldn’t win a hand. It reached its climax during the final heat and this sequence of hands.

Tony G shows his heart and commitment to the game: Heat Premier League III

Say what you like about Tony G but he’s never been afraid to put his money where his mouth is. And that’s exactly what he did when he made this gutsy play against Tom Dwan.


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