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Warning reading this article may put you on life tilt, which ironically almost made the list…

  1. So sick – the only thing sick about this phrase is that it’s been spreading like a virulent disease for the last five years. Gets used when top pair gets sucked out far too frequently. Somebody make it stop.

  2. I set you all-in: No you haven’t, you’ve moved all-in and now I have a decision to make. You may have me covered but it’s up to me what I do with my chips.

  3. Do you want to hear my bad beat story? No. Never.Really.

  4. One time: Anyone caught using their one time more than one time should have to do time. Annoyingly because it’s so common now players have started announcing that they’re officially using their one time.

  5. That’s poker: Usually said by the perpetrator after he’s sucked out on you. You’d like to tell them that you’re aware that poker is a game with an element of chance in which the best hand doesn’t always hold up, but you just nod and silently seethe.

  6. Pwnd: This typo (the ‘P’ key is next to the ‘O’ key) is an online phenomenon that has spread to the live arena. But it should never ever under any circumstances be uttered in real life to any other poker player ever. Ever.

  7. Ship it: Ok so winning a big pot is awesome and I understand you need to celebrate by uttering this phrase (or even worse ship it holla) but not only is it boorish, it shows a distinct lack of class to your opponent. Get. It. Quietly.

  8. It’s a race: Is it, is it really? Why thank you Mr Fountain of all poker knowledge I had no idea that two overcards against a pair was a race. I thank you for dropping this nugget of knowledge in my general vicinity. Do one.

  9. I knew you had that: Said most frequently after a player calls a river bet and is shown a hand that beats them. Whilst calling is more fun than folding if you really knew they had that then you probably should’ve chosen the latter option.

  10. It was suited: The age old excuse for making a loose call before somehow getting there against a superior hand. The only thing worse is Professor Poker then piping up saying that being suited only adds a couple of percent to your chances of winning the hand.

Let’s be honest there are a number of other phrases that could have made the list so honorable mentions go to: ‘too many outs’, ‘white magic’, ‘bink’, ‘backraise’, ‘standard’, the old classic I’d ‘rather be lucky than good’, ‘all you can eat’ and ‘I never win with aces’.

What are the ones the really annoy you? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. One that annoys me, particularly because I’ve caught myself saying it, is needlessly adding “super” as a prefix. e.g. Super-sick, super-cooler, super-deep stacked, super-loose. Like “brutal”, which I also use too often, it’s a word that loses its impact when overused. A player wasn’t *super*-loose, and we weren’t weren’t *super* deep when he made a super-sick suckout on the river. It wasn’t even brutal. It was just some virtual playing cards. #sosick

  2. Playing in ca at Commerce and HG I hear “ahhyyahh”… Mostly from Asians but it’s hilarious when the white guy says it in the Asian accent

  3. 9 an 10 are the worst IMO, everyone knows what I had every time i show them my hand after someone calls…