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Last month it was revealed that Bill Perkins paid Jeff Gross a six figure sum by to get a tattoo of Perkins choosing on his back. With that in mind here’s five other crazy prop bets you won’t believe happened.

1.) Huck Seed’s standing backflip

The 1996 WSOP Main Event champion is an imposing six feet, seven inches tall yet that didn’t deter him from betting Howard Lederer $10,000 that he could perform a standing backflip.

Seed had an ace up his sleeve in that his Uncle was an acrobat and taught Seed how to do it using a harness. He had six months to learn it but only one shot at it so it’s even crazier that, according to close friend Gus Hansen, he took his one shot whilst drunk at a party.

2.) Johnny Moss’s sucker punch

Every gambler has their price and for Johnny Moss that price was 15/1. Moss was sitting in a bar where one of the regulars had a reputation for having never lost a bar fight.

A fellow gambler gave Moss 15/1 odds that he couldn’t beat him, with the stipulation that Moss got the first punch. So Moss socked him from behind, but didn’t knock him out and ended up in hospital with broken bones. “Fifteen-to-one was too good to pass up,” he said.

3.) Kwik buck for Jay

Could you live in a hotel bathroom for a month? No? How about if you stood to win a six figure sum? Back in January 2008 Jay Kwik and Andrew Robl booked a bet that saw Kwik trying to live in the bathroom of a room in The Bellagio for 30 days.

Although the amount on the line was a secret Kwik took to the bet like a duck to water and Robl bought out of the bet early for $40,000. Check out his ‘home’ here:

4.) Barry Greenstein, John Hennigan and Tiger Woods

As Tiger was coming onto the golf scene John Hennigan gave Barry Greenstein 19/5 on every event Tiger was in for the next two years. Big mistake, Tiger went on a tear and Greenstein banked $100,000 before letting Hennigan buy-out for a further $100,000. “Every event Tiger was in was torture for John,” said Greenstein. “He was playing $100-$200 limit Hold’em at the time and was telling me how he knew whatever he made each week wasn’t enough to pay me.”

5.) Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest shed the pounds

If there’s one thing poker players love betting on more than golf it’s weight loss! Two of the most famous examples involve Mike Matusow and Ted Forrest. In 2007-2008 Matusow got down from 241 pounds to 181 – losing the last 15 in nine days and collecting $100,000 for his troubles.

A couple of years later Forrest was the one having to lose the weight – 48 pounds in three months – he managed it and banked a reported $2,000,000 from Matusow. Forrest talks about the bet here – (9:40 in)

6.) Kara Scott in a Bunny Suit

But perhaps partypokers favorite prop bet of all time would be the one instigated by Chris Tessaro and involving Kara Scott. According to Chris himself:  ” A couple of years ago, Kara was playing some excellent poker, and she was looking forward to an upcoming event, an event in which she felt she would do well. I decided to make her a little wager. If Kara could simply cash in the event, I would appear on television wearing a bunny suit. Yes, a fuzzy bunny suit. If she missed cashing, then SHE had to do a TV appearance in the bunny suit.

I must admit, I was simply THRILLED when she missed the money. I know, I’m a bad human for that. Kara, on the other hand, is an honourable loser, and she did indeed don the aforementioned bunny suit on television. It was, quite simply, a magic moment. And THAT is why we prop bet….” and here’s the proof:

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  1. Kasperov the friendly ghost on

    Durrr (5-point rook advantage) taking on Curtains in a 3-game chess match was fun. Curtains crushed, of course (advice: don’t take on International Masters for mid-five figures unless you are given a 5-point rook advantage *and can also blindfold your opponent in advance* LOL :)