Another great weekend in Minsk – the games in Belarus are out of this world. I am making serious progress in getting myself in a nice  position to enter the One Drop at the WSOP – I also think I have some other players who are keen to enter.

Tony Resort Time!

The games are so good in Belarus that I have even agreed to fly all the players from the game to Tony Resort for some good old fashioned hospitality. When you are winning a game and the game is so good you cannot just walk away with all the profits (eg. Patrik Antonius in Australia) – you have to keep the game going, the stakes could get even higher and the profits even bigger. Yes, I know, the losses could get bigger too but I’m running like a g train at the moment. People talk about the ecology of an online poker room – the ecology of a big cash game is something hard to ignore when you know it is spot on.

Those Buddhists in South Korea

The only game in the world that was potentially better than Minsk was that one with the Buddhists in South Korea. I have seen the publicity around this in the last week or so – drinking and smoking monks. Am I the only one who wondered if Andy “Mad Monk” Black was there? Where’s the Devilfish – where’s the Monkfish?

I’m making a mint!

I have a commitment to go to the US at the end of the week for the WPT World Championship at the Bellagio, which starts on Saturday, and the $100k Super High Roller so I will drag myself away from making a mint in Minsk and I know that the other players will understand. I still haven’t won a WPT and to win the biggest event of the year in Vegas would see all my dreams come true. There’s also the $100k Super High Roller. All of this is going to be televised more than ever before and I think it is good to go over there and put on a show. I want to talk about whether a certain player is going to be there but they remain nameless as I am frightened of scaring them away. Alright honey?


I also have word that my good sponsors have agreed to sponsor a new player and they will be taking part in the event at Bellagio – this is great for poker as of late as we have seen movements away from player sponsorship and I have to say I am impressed by their choice. I was on the selection committee as a guiding hand, of course – nobody could qualify for Team without my consent. All I say now is if you can afford a new pro Party then I better be getting my company chequebook I have been asking to have for over two years! Who is it? You’ll just have to wait and see – they deserve a big warm welcome! One other clue – they are QUALIFIED!

Phil Hellmuth it aint!

I can tell you who it will not be though: it is not Phil Hellmuth, he’s only qualified to be my dog walker! Please note he isn’t qualified enough to walk Zasko though – the muzzle to protect the brat from the guardian of my empire could never be big and strong enough.


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