Tony G has qualified! The Lithuanian has won the final heat in Group B and finishes fourth in the group overall. By virtue of defeating Phil Laak he’ll play Laak’s girlfriend, Jennifer Tilly for a spot in the final. Had Phil Laak would the heads-up battle he would’ve faced off against Tony G.

The pivotal hand of heads-up play came when Tony G raised on the button with and Phil Laak defended with . The flop was a juicy , giving Tony the nut flush draw and two over cards and Laak top two pair. It checked to Tony, he bet 60,000 and Laak called. The fell on the turn, Tony G now had the lead and he wasn’t going to slow down, he fired 90,000 and Laak called. The completed the board, Laak checked, Tony shoved for an effective 912,000 and Laak snap called.

It was all over, “I’ve won everything,” said Tony G as he took in his victory. “Everything.”

Not quite as he’ll have to get past Jennifer Tilly to get to the final, they’ll be back tomorrow at 2pm to play for the final spot in the final, whilst Scott Seiver and Antonio Esfandiari’s heads-up battle is underway and will be on the live stream from 22.50 GMT.

Group B, Heat 4 result

1st. Tony G (16 points)
2nd. Phil Laak (11 points)
3rd. Tobias Reinkemeier (8 points)
4th. Jason Mercier (6 points)
5th. Dan Shak (4 points)
6th. Jennifer Tilly (3 points)
7th. Talal Shakerchi (2 points)
8th. Igor Kurganov (0 points)

Group B overall standings

1st. Tobias Reinkemeier (46 points) takes a stack of 460,000 to the final
2nd. Dan Shak (39 points) takes a stack of 390,000 to the final
3rd. Talal Shakerchi (28 points) takes a stack of 280,000 to the final
4th. Tony G (26 points) plays Jennifer Tilly for a spot in the final
5th. Jennifer Tilly (19 points) plays Tony G for a spot in the final
6th. Phil Laak (18 points)
7th. Jason Mercier (16 points)
8th. Igor Kurganov (8 points)


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