There’s been quite a few comments in the community recently about me packing my bags from Vegas and leaving the WSOP.

According to reports I was fed up with hitting the rail early and felt snubbed by the lack of an invite to the Tournament of Champions event.

Some people even suggested that I might give up live poker – snub the WSOP and live circuits completely.

I would like to clear this matter up

I would like to clear this matter up. You know I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do have to say that I was getting a bit fed up with bad beats in early WSOP events. I also do think I deserved an invite into the Tournament of Champions event but I made a couple of comments in the heat of the moment.

They were only very casual comments amongst friends but the truth is I have been to London and I am coming back to Vegas – in fact I am going to play the Main Event on the 8th. Tony G has not quit poker, I was just a little bit tilted at the time.

Who doesn’t get like that from time to time? We all cannot be like Phil Hellmuth and have this zen like non tilting approach to the game through a life coach that should be Tony G! Lol

Anyway, I am back and I am hungry. London was great, in fact I spent a lot of time time betting on the World Cup. One positive, I always bet against England which was profitable (unfortunately, you don’t have the opportunity to do that now at

The newspapers in the UK at World Cup time are always mental but this one image published by The Sun on the day before the game amused me greatly. The German team were on a rest day and went on a safari and encountered three lions.

The three lions ended up toothless pussy cats

The three lions ended up toothless pussy cats but Tony G is a ferocious creature. I am one of those lions – in fact I am the leader and the daddy and the two other cats are two amazing unknown poker talents I am about to unleash on the world in Vegas – we are going to run amok. The guys watching from the truck are the rest of the players in the field! Dinner time! Yum!

Anyway, before I go I am doing an interview with Jesse May for The Poker Show podcast that will be available to download on the PartyPoker blog from Wednesday lunchtime. The Poker Show is great – it is irreverent and they always ask good questions. It is even better that it is now sponsored by

Matchroom Sport called me and asked if they could interview my personal concierge about what life is like with the G but my response to that was ‘on your bike!’ Jesse is great fun – for me though I will never forget his commentary at a Poker Million final. Ian Cox was in a big pot with the Hendon Mob’s Joe Beevers. Cox and Beevers – I need not say more! Anyway listen to the show from Wednesday here.

The Bike should be my spiritual home

I also see that PartyPoker has started qualifiers for the WPT Legends of Poker event at the Bike – yes you are right, the Bike should be my spiritual home! I was playing poker in the Bike 10 years ago when I was still trying to make enough for food and scraps.

It’s a real poker room with real people in there – a great destination for any poker enthusiast to experience. It’s fair to say it is a little far away from anything so you just play poker there and sleep. That is what I used to do every day – play and sleep and it’s a place where I did well when I had to do well. I hope to join the PartyPoker qualifiers there this year for the televised Main Event – I will bring the bike!

See you in Vegas!



  1. Hi Tony,

    How did the pot between Cox and Beevers end up? was it slow played or full action on all streets? Wouldn’t surprise me if Cox went all in pre-flop, he’s an aggressive player.