It’s been a crazy few weeks in this biz I’ll be the first to say, first this Hellmuth guy binks a bracelet making it a lucky 13 for him, wow can he get any luckier this year I ask? It’s just lucky I crushed him in that triathlon back on Malta or who knows what cloud he’d be floating on by now. Then there’s all this talk about robots. Robots wtf what is this about? My disgrace of a personal assistant reminds me of that C3PO sometimes I’ll let you know, I should have sold him for scrap too! And I think Ivey should be investigated if I’m honest with you.

But enough I needed to get away from all chaos that and so you’ll find me playing some crazy live action poker here at the Kings Casino you should come too and you can visit them online at PokerRoomKings Leon the owner has a big heart and if you met him you’d agree. Leon I’ll go as far as saying you could even be the most important man in European poker – You certainly aren’t scared of action – you really are the perfect antidote to all this talk of poker robots. Once again you’ll find them at PokerRoomKings

Now I like action and I’ve seen some pretty sick crazy action here with some PLO starting off 100/200 then 200/400 and even up to 800/1600 this is what I like to see, this is a feast I tell you all and I plan to eat well!

Tomorrow we’ll see some even more sick action with a massive 10K rebuy event, this place truly is a carnival, a circus, a proper freak-show of a pageant and I, well I am going to be their ring leader! Now bring out the clowns!


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