I have been to Manchester United to take part in the PartyPoker.com Challenge for MUTV with a group of current players. My role was to be a guiding hand for the day and give these fine athletes lessons in playing poker. I’m sure they felt they were in good company considering I am an Olympian!

When I first heard about this I thought great – let’s get in this game and take everything they have and give it to charity. I want to play and raise the stakes – Teddy Sheringham is the best poker playing footballer either ex or current and he ‘nitted’ it up at the WSOP Main Event this year to cash. He may be a tactically adept but he went a little robot? They can learn from Tony G!

The Scouting Reports

I played with these guys but not actually in the charity event itself where I was in the commentary with goalkeeper Anders Lindergaard. Is this Dane an aggressive Scandi? Here are my scouting reports on the players involved I gave them before they played..

Jonny Evans – you are not a rock Jonny – play it hard from the back. No need for slow play from you and keep the fluent passing. Use that Northern Irish steel of yours, it will be needed.

Phil Jones – I will teach you how to be the table captain. Get this right and you can use the flair you have to play in different positions. Poker is about versatility and you have that abounds.

Rafael da Silva – You have pace and potential at the table. There are no brothers at the poker table Rafa. Let me help you polish the finest ways to bring in da Silva in poker. Actually, forget Silva, it should be gold!

Tom Cleverley – To play poker cleverly is half the battle. Whatever you do, do not overplay King-Jack – that is not clever at all.

Darren Fletcher – You need a big engine, heart commitment and experience to push your chips over the line and you have this in abundance.

Danny Welbeck – Quick thinking, deft touch and positional sense. When you sense weakness in poker you just pounce! I hope you don’t wear headphones, poker should be about engagement.

The Video

Congratulations to eventual winner Jonny Evans. Keep an eye here on the PartyPoker Blog for more exclusive videos from the PartyPoker Challenge.

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