This actually scares the hell out of me. Watch this video!

I never made it to the Drive the Dream final in London in the end but I would like to congratulate 19-year-old Marek Sosnowski on taking down the top prize.

I am also not surprised that he took the money rather than a brand new Aston Martin Coupe. I would do the same if I hadn’t got a driving licence!

I had to take to my blog today as somebody sent me this video of the runner-up in the tournament. I swear, this actually scares the hell out of me, you have to see it! Halloween has come early. Check out Bob…

Feel the power in the chilling laugh. Bob, if you are reading this let me take you to lunch in London one day soon – a friend will be in touch. We’ll make sure we have soup for starters. Are you a little drunk in the video? You wouldn’t find me getting filmed tired and emotional!

I also saw the video posted about customizing your client to scream when you get pocket aces. The Bike Ride is coming soon and I am keen to add some personal audio options you can use every time a hand comes up. King Jack, never overplay it! An Ace on the river – an Ace from Space!

All the donkeys who want to take me on

Personally, I think it should be compulsory that all the donkeys who want to take me on in the Bike Ride have to have the audio so they can experience what it’s like to feel the full force of Tony G. I am hoping to complete this project soon. Send me your ideas for what phrases you might want me to use! Remember, I will take everything you own!

Generally, things are reasonably quiet at the moment – I am still focusing on dog breeding and Zasko’s impeccable bloodlines. Thank you for all the positive comments about my new four legged friend. Yes, he is a handsome devil – no I won’t let him loose on Kara Scott’s dog on a beach in Santa Barbara once he gets his pet passport. I really do intend to train him to sit at the table with me and growl at opponents.

Prince Zasko is a bit of a big teddy bear (don’t you dare accuse me of having lots of bark and no bite). That said, deep down Zasko is a gladiator and so am I. It’s a good job as I see the promotion with maximus partypointus is back in November. Get ready for the Gladiator – it’s not a grind, the cream rises to the top and only the top breeds survive!


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