Fantastic Laydown by Tony G

As Scott Baumstein pointed out in the Live Stream commentary, Tony G is showing poker that’s right on the edge between crazy and genius.
He went as far as calling Tony’s preflop game horrible, as he overplays the worst hands with no position. But it pays out for him. Building a reputation as a crazy player, he gains from that image with perfect postflop decisions.

Not just when it comes to getting the most out of a strong hand. Tony is able to lay down strong hands in the toughest spot. Just recently he managed to fold queens on a ten high flop against Faraz. Rightly so, as Faraz held pocket tens and had Tony drawing veeeeery thin.

Tony G

Juha Helppi Sent To The Rails

Juha Helppi is the third player being evicted at the Big Game VII. He has only been playing for a short time, but managed to take €6,500 in winnings from the table.
Kara Scott grabbed him for a short interview, that we’ll show you later on.

Here’s the players at the table by numbers:


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