Tony G will be level with Jason Mercier on ten points going into the last heat, the top three will be those still at the table, whilst Jennifer Tilly with 16 points will be in fourth place.

In short exiting in fourth is a disaster for Tony G as he’s going to be a fight for a play off place, which makes it all the more surprising that his exit hand played out as it did.

Talal Shakerchi shoved for 362,000 with , Tony G snap called with pocket threes, whilst Dan Shak and Tobias Reinkemeier folded their hands.

The flop gave Shakerchi the lead. “He hasn’t lost a hand, he doesn’t lose a hand,” said Tony G out of shot but still on the mic. The and completed the board and the Aussie will have to settle for six point. “It’s been a bad week, I’ve been playing bad and running really bad.

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