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Timo Kamphues will wake up $90,498 richer this morning after he triumphed in the WPT Shooting Stars for Charity event on July 30. Kamphues ran hot and played great, which is a deadly combination for a poker player, to become the latest WPT World Online Championships winner.

The final day started with 45 players in the hunt for the title but the field was soon whittled down.

Our Twitch Team member Hristivoje Pavlovic was one of the early casualties. Such stars as Marvin Rettenmaier, Team partypoker’s Mikita Badziakouski, Joao Vieira and David Kitai joined him on the rail.

Recent addition to the Triple Crown club, Roberto Romanello, fell in 24th place. Liv Boeree lost her stack in 22nd place and immediately pledged 20% of the $4,638 cash to the 1 Day Sooner charity, a fantastic gesture.

Former snooker champion Mark Williams busted in 18th before Manig Loeser, who started the day second in chips, crashed out in 14th.

Start of the day chip leader, Tomi Brouk, saw his tournament end abruptly in ninth-place. The Finn three-bet all-in for a shade under 13 big blinds with after Eugenio Peralta had opened with . Peralta called, his queens held, and Brouk was no more.

You need quite a lot of luck to win a poker tournament and Kamphues’ luck was in during a hand with Team partypoker’s Sam Trickett. The blinds were 100,000/200,000/25,000a and Trickett opened to 400,000 with . The action folded to Kamphues in the cutoff who held and he three-bet all-in for 2,391,543. Trickett called and watched on in horror as the board ran to gift Kamphues an unlikely flush and a much needed double.

Kamphues never looked back and put his foot firmly on the gas. He won a huge coinflip with versus the of Sergey Konovalov to become the tournament’s chip leader. The hand decimated Konovalov’s stack and he busted shortly afterwards.

He then started wielding his big stack likes a crazed berserker and Trickett fell victim to Kamphues’ run-good. He opened shoved for 71 big blinds (20 big blinds effective) with and Trickett called in the big blind with . Trickett was ahead, but not for long, because Kamphues flopped two pair. Trickett’s sixth place yielded $15,843.

The run good continued when Kamphues open-shoved with and Klas Lofberg called off his 19 big blind stack on the button with . A ten on the flop and a jack on the turn sent Lofberg to the rail and gave Kamphues 35,915,790 of the 43,800,000 chips in play!

Unsurprisingly, Kamphues went on to win. He sent Peralta home in fourth when Peralta jammed his short stack into the middle with and Kamphues woke up with in the small blind.

Matas Cimbolas was Kamphues’ next victim. Kamphues set Cimbolas all-in for his last 10 blinds with and Cimbolas called with . Kamphues flopped a set (of course he did) to send the tournament heads-up.

The final hand was indicative of Kamphues’ sun running. Nikita Kupchin initially limped on the button with before calling off his last 10 big blind when Kamphues jammed with . The tens remained the best hand right up to the river when the ace of diamonds made an appearance.

WPT Shooting Stars for Charity Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Timo Kamphues Austria $90,498
2 Nikita Kupchin Russia $64,429
3 Matas Cimbolas United Kingdom $44,169
4 Eugenio Peralta Ireland $30,726
5 Klas Lofberg Sweden $21,796
6 Sam Trickett United Kingdom $15,843
7 Sergey Konovalov Russia $11,282
8 Mikolaj Zawadzki Poland $8,161

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