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If your looking for one of those much loved overlays, the 300K Guaranteed is the right place for you. Every Sunday evening there’s around 1,500 players competing in the $215 tournament on PartyPoker. With a guaranteed $300,000 prizepool there’s usually a slight overlay. Last Sunday it was an extra $3,400, as 1,483 players started at the tables.

Reduced Final Table

Following a bunch of quick eliminations, the final table started with eight players. marlin555 and M-Varde both had 1.9 million in chips, while all their opponents were below the one million mark.

While marlin555 managed to hold on to his chips, M-Varde had a quick exit finishing in 7th place.

From Hero To Zero

How could that happen?
First he was holding pocket eights and put his opponent dendakota all in on a flop. dendakota had 750k left, at that point 30 BB. A call, queens in dendakota‘s hand and he enjoyed a double up.

It took just seven more hands for M-Varde to lose his remaining stack. He got involved against marlin5555 on a flop. marlin5555 bet out, M-Varde called with in his hand.
on the turn and the same procedure. An unlucky on the river sealed M-Varde‘s fate. He goes all in with his two pair, but marlin5555 managed to catch a straight (holding ) after bluffing twice on flop and turn.

Building Stacks

At this point, dendakota – who began the final table in 3rd place – started to join marlin5555 at the top. And then there was CreatingKarma. Dead last in the chip counts at the beginning, he managed to built up a nice stack and compete for the overall win.

It was those three, who went on to play for the win. As it is the case most weeks, discussions for a possible deal started.

Lets Make It Interesting.

It took them 15 minutes to agree on the exact terms of the deal. We don’t have all the details, but it seems that they left some money to play for (rough guess: $5,000). Being a huge heads up fan, I like that spirit.

If you read the results, you may notice that 3rd place finisher dendakota took home more money than CreatingKarma in 2nd place. That is due to the deal made, as dendakota had most chips at that point.
The overall winner of this weeks 300K Guaranteed is marlin5555, who actually had least chips in his stack when the deal was made.

Here’s what the Top10 took home:

1. marlin5555 – $36,024
2. CreatingKarma – $32,226
3. dendakota – $34,350
4. Sir.rui – $14,250
5. traindriver21 – $11,250
6. lcatalao – $8,250
7. M-Varde – $5,550
8. sths1234 – $4,050
9. davouds – $3,000
10. crom31 – $2,550

Qualifiers for the upcoming $300k Guaranteed are running ’round the clock on PartyPoker. $1 is enough to start your journey towards what might be a life changing cash.


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