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Yesterday we kicked the week off with a 5 Part Special of A Week in the Life of the 2011 EPT Berlin winner Ben Wilinofsky by Lee Davy and here’s part 2:

Did you spend any time reviewing your game last week?

No I didn’t, but it is one of things I want to start getting back into. If you’re not doing it there is always someone who is. Someone who is putting in the extra hours to improve and get better. I am lucky enough that I have enough experience and natural ability, so I guess I get away with it, but I am definitely costing myself some expected value. It is a sub conscious decision to make my life easier, rather than wealthier, and that is important to me as I have other things going on; but I have felt that drive to getting better and learning is certainly a part of that. I am looking forward to one of my good friends coming back into town from the States, Jason Koon, as I will do study sessions with him, once or twice a week, where we review stuff and hammer it for hours, I think that will be really good for both of us.

Anything bother you last week?

I don’t really allow financial losses, or wins, to affect me. It’s just another day at the office kind of thing. But the Super Tuesday blow out was really difficult to take. I had the chip lead – forever – and it got away from me. I wasn’t really as unhappy with the result as I was with the lack of focus and drifting away from my A game. It usually gets to me when I am not very well balanced. For example, at last years Premier League in Vienna. That was a disaster for me as I wasn’t in a good place to begin with. That one got to me as it was a huge opportunity to pull away a little bit and I didn’t go anywhere. That was tough to swallow, generally all of us are used to the process of win some, lose some – it’s a process to get to the end result. I think most of the players have a good thought process about it and don’t really get frustrated about it.

Is your poker bankroll separate from your normal bankroll?

I don’t keep the two separate. Instead I just take money when I want to buy something, which is not often. I haven’t cashed out for quite some time. I am not concerned about running out of money. I have always told people that the best thing my money has bought me was the opportunity to not worry about money. My parents, who are more financially conservative with money’ have suggested if I had invested; or managed it tightly, I would have more money now, and they are probably right.

Have you played any live poker this week?

No I haven’t, but I have booked a trip to the LAPC and am working on a trip to Asia for the WSOP. I have a dog, which I have to take care of and he would freak out if I wasn’t there. I have asked some of the live players I know and there is a game I can bring my dog along to on a Saturday night. It’s a home game and it doesn’t start till late so I may take him one day for a bit of live practice.

What was your biggest learning point this week?

My biggest learning point came after my blow out in the Super Tuesday. Upon reflection I wasn’t in a good mental state and felt it had a big impact on the decisions I made. I also hadn’t eaten that day, which affected my game, so I realised I have to start taking better care of myself. That morning I woke at 9.30am, didn’t shower, took my dog for a quick walk around the block and started playing. A lot of people feel pressured to get things done rapidly and have a game full of productivity. I am reading a book called “In praise of slowness,” it is about how to get more value out of things by taking more time, create more value by doing things slowly and living your life with less rush. I think my take away is to start taking better care of myself first and playing poker second instead of the other way round.

Coming Up In Part 3

In Part Three, Ben Wilinofsky goes into detail as he dissects his hand of the week.

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Lee Davy is a writer from Ogmore Vale in South Wales. You can follow his views and opinions through his blog at or on Twitter

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