The poker gods were smiling on player LosHabos at the weekend as they blessed him with that little something extra to take down our latest edition of the $300K Guaranteed Sunday.

Our winner claimed the biggest cheque of the tournament after a deal was struck between the champ, area182 and Nick123338 following seven and half hours of play.

The turning point for LosHabos was when fortune favoured his pocket 3s over a pair of aces. He said: “The hand that won it for me was when I had a pair of 3s and the big blind had a pair of bullets. I made my set on the flop and he went all-in. He was the chip leader at the time.”

LosHabos added: “I always try and play the $300K Guaranteed Sunday and watch football at the weekend. It makes for a very enjoyable Sunday, especially when you win.”

The top 10 payouts from the 1,432-strong field were as follows:
1 LosHabos7, $53,497.87
2 area182, $30,696.94
3 Nick123338, $29,505.20
4 Shorty81, $16,350
5 Aashutosh, $13,800
6 wefgb, $10,350
7 Tano1975, $7,950
8 D0nkbox, $5,250
9 gizzyhardcor, $4,050
10 CaSchaadt, $2,850

There’s another $300K Guaranteed Sunday this weekend so make sure you’ve booked your seat. Qualifiers start from as little as $3 or you can buy in direct for $215. Read the $300K Guaranteed Sunday page for more details.


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