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Ever had a day where things just don’t go your way? Then you need to take a seat at’s Bad Beat Jackpot tables.

These tables celebrate the losers and their hard-luck stories, rewarding them with the biggest slice from our Bad Beat Jackpot when they blow it with four 8s or higher.

Last night player Power_R4nger became our latest big-money loser when his hand failed against bunny999999. Power_R4nger’s fail earned him $98,277 from the Bad Beat Jackpot while the hand winner received $49,138.

Players patsways, dikheidje and perest also finished the evening with smiles on their faces as they each got $16,379 payouts for being sat at the table.

The Bad Beat tables are where it pays to lose. Find out how you can play by reading the Bad Beat Jackpot page.


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