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What do you look for in an online poker tournament? An affordable buy-in? A five-figure guaranteed prize pool? What about a blind structure designed to allow the tournament to finish at a respectable time without compromising the average stack size? Guess what? The Predator, part of our Daily Legends, ticks all of those boxes and more.

Table of Contents

What is The Predator tournament?
What is The Predator’s blind structure?
What tournaments a similar to The Predator?

What Is The Predator Daily Legends Tournament?

The Predator is one of our most popular mid-stakes tournaments under the Daily Legends umbrella, thanks to only costing $22 yet boasting a $10,000 guaranteed prize pool every night. This progressive knockout (PKO) tournament sees you hunt down bounties while you have one eye on becoming the champion, the conqueror of The Predator.

Cards are in the air every night, Monday through Saturday, at 18:05 GMT. Whether you buy in direct for $22 or win your way in from only $0.11 via the many Daily Legends satellites running around the clock, you sit down with 50,000 chips in your arsenal. Don’t worry if your first bullet does not go to plan because one re-entry is permitted before the end of the tenth level. The fact The Predator only permits a solitary re-entry makes the playing field level because deep-pocketed players cannot buy their way to glory.

$10 of your buy-in goes into the main prize pool, with $10 going onto the head of each entrant. Eliminate an opponent, and a bounty of at least $5 is all yours. Half of your opponent’s bounty lands in your PartyPoker account as cash, with the remaining 50% going into your head, increasing your bounty and making you a more attractive target for everyone remaining in the tournament!

First-place prize money, with bounties included, tends to be around the $1,500 mark, which is a healthy return on a $22 investment.

What is the Blind Structure of The Predator?

The blind structure of The Predator is designed to give you plenty of room to manoeuvre yet allow the tournament to finish at a reasonable time. Not everyone has the flexibility of being able to stay up until the early hours of the morning, so the eight-minute clock helps The Predator to usually be taken down around midnight.

Blind Structure Up to Level 10

Level Blinds Ante
1 250/500 65
2 300/600 75
3 350/700 90
4 400/800 100
5 500/1,000 125
6 600/1,200 150
7 700/1,400 175
8 800/1,600 200
9 1,000/2,000 250
10 1,2502,500 315

Are There Tournaments Similar to The Predator?

There are dozens upon dozens of $22 buy-in tournaments to enjoy every day at PartyPoker, if that is your current buy-in level. Those of you that are still playing at 00:05 GMT should check out The Super $22, which comes with a $5,000 guaranteed prize pool.

Cheaper alternatives include the $10,000 guaranteed Super $11 at 19:05 GMT ($20,000 guaranteed at 17:05 GMT on Sundays), and the $33 buy-in $10,000 guaranteed Gladiator at 20:05 GMT ($15,000 guaranteed on Sundays).

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