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Chip Counts

Level 2 has ended and what a level it was. We saw Jonathan Duhamel get funky and Phil Hellmuth get furious. The Jungleman took big pots from both of them and he now has over a million chips and we’re still eight handed! The points distribution in this group is making for seriously sensational viewing. Blinds are now 3,000 – 6,000 ante 1,000

The players chip stacks are as below. The +/- figure in brackets is their profit/loss since the end of the last level and the big blind figure is how many they have for the current level.

Jungleman – 1,022,000 (+595,000) – 170 big blinds
Antonio Esfandiari – 321,000 (+2,000) – 53.5 big blinds
Jonathan Duhamel – 276,000 (-1,000) – 46 big blinds
Scott Seiver – 255,000 (-58,000) – 42.5 big blinds
Daniel Negreanu – 210,000 (-76,000) – 35 big blinds
Sam Trickett – 171,000 (-6,000) – 28.5 big blinds
Phil Hellmuth – 96,000 (-4460,000) – 16 big blinds
Marvin Rettenmaier – 49,000 (-12,000) – 8 big blinds

Good level for

Jungleman The Jungleman has more than a million of the 2.4m in play and we’re still eight handed! Not only that he severely wounded Phil Hellmuth, with whom he’s level on points and has to finish above.

Bad level for

Phil Hellmuth The 13 time WSOP bracelet winner lost a big pot to the Jungleman and got so riled up he left the table for five minutes. He said of Jungleman, “Everyone knows he’s supposed to come first or last because he doesn’t understand the format.” We personally witnessed Jungleman going through all the permutations earlier today though.

Hand of the level

Jonathan Duhamel showed just why having the advantage he does at the top of the league means he can put some moves on the rest of them one worked, one didn’t…

Phil Hellmuth made it 8,000 to go with , Jungleman flat called with pocket jacks and Daniel Negreanu then re-raised with to 31,000 total. It then passed with Duhamel and he raised to 66,000 with , that got rid of Hellmuth and Jungleman but Negreanu stuck around. On the flop Duhamel bet 37,000 and Negreanu said: “Guess you’ve got aces” before folding.

A few hands later Duhamel raised with and picket up three callers, Phil Hellmuth with pocket sixes, Jungleman with pocket threes and Antonio Esfandiari with queen-jack.

The flop came 3c], “surely he can’t bet into this many people,” said Jesse May but bet is exactly what Duhamel did, firing out 13,000, Hellmuth folded, Jungleman raised to 42,000 and Esfandiari folded. Back on Duhamel he re-raised, making it 84,000 total and Jungleman smooth called.

The turn card elicited a bet of 77,000 from Duhamel, call from Jungleman. The – a ‘super blank’ according to Phil Laak – completed the board, Duhamel gave up checking to Jungleman who tanked for over three minutes before checking back and showing the winning hand.

View from the booth

“Duhamel just shuts down when he meets any resistance from the tight guys because he knows he can get them later. – Jesse May

“When did you last see this sort of talent around one poker table, I mean the glitterati. The guy with the least accolades at the table is Jungleman. All he’s ever done is be the biggest ever winner in the history of online poker.” – Jesse May on the array of talent in this heat.

“Now he has to go into lockdown mode,” Jesse May on Phil Hellmuth after he lost a big pot to Jungleman.

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