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So I have my own promotion at in September. The doors to my house have been smashed open and it is time to take, take, take! One PartyPoint is all that is needed and you can win my Volkswagen Golf GTI (without Tony G plate I am afraid) and all sorts of gizmos including LED HD TVs, iPhones, Nintendo 3DS, Amazon Kindles, Beats Headphones and a whole lot more!

Weak Beer

This got me thinking, I now understand what it is must be like to be a megastar like Phil Hellmuth. I have my own promotion! Gees! Next time I need to get my face on thousands of cans of weak cheap beer and I will know I have made it.

A Busy Bee

September is going to be a busy month for me. I intend to play in some tournaments on to protect you pillagers from a full scale raid on my house and I am also on the road playing the live circuit for the first time since the Olympics. I hope to strike gold at WPT Paris, WPT Malta and the WSOPE in Cannes. I will definitely be online at for the Tony G’s House Grand Final on the 7th October – $20,000 in prizes + my VW Golf GTI. Did you really think I would give up so easily and don’t have the heart to defend myself?

Get ready Bruno Fitoussi!

Anyway first stop is WPT Paris and I get in on 7th September. All I can say is Bruno Fitoussi get your finest cognac ready – I also hope that waiter who is qualified and got a big tip from me last time out is still there. Anyway, I am looking forward to this event which will be fully televised so look forward to seeing Mike Sexton. There are plenty of places to smoke the shisha and even being at the ACF gives me memories of the time I came runner-up to that rock Surinder Sunar there back in 2004.

We’ll Always have Paris

I heard the WPT have produced a series called ‘Greatest Moments’ based on the old episodes and this one is in there – in fact it is the final episodes! I know Surinder will be in Paris and he is haunted for life by that experience, despite the fact that he won. I do need to moderate my drinking somewhat at the ACF but being a finely tuned Olympic athlete like I am now I know there will not be a problem! What you also have to remember is that it was in Paris that Howard Lederer and I first refused to shake hands. It is a place of deep significance.

Crushing Hellmuth

Directly on from Paris I am off to WPT Malta where I will come face to face with Phil Hellmuth for the first time in a long time. I was scouring facebook this morning and saw this picture of the snake above found in Malta (thank you Keith Hathaway). It is not poisonous but it is a big boy (notice also how the dog is straining on the leash to attack). Phil Hellmuth got bitten by a spider and ended up on drugs last year (why – there are no poisonous spiders or snakes in Malta!).

Phil, you don’t have to worry about the spiders or the big non-poisonous snakes. You have to worry about me – I own you.


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