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Tony G’s house is full of good stuff, really good stuff take his prized VW GTI for example. No take it, really we mean it. You see the Volkswagen known as the people’s car, the party car and soon, yes very soon it could be your car!

We all know the Beetle was of course made famous the world over by Dean Jones in his ‘wacky’ Herbie adventures and of course later on by erm Lindsay Lohan, the Beastie Boys sure ran into some trouble due to their mischievous love of it and recently the Khardashians have been known to roll with it, heck even Xzibit has been known to ‘pimp’ a VW bug in his time.

This is your time!

So now it’s time to shine and for you to get your hands on Tony G’s very own VW GTI. That’s right come this September you can raid the Tony G’s house with the top prize being his very own prized Volkswagen Golf GTI! and that’s not all he’s got hidden away in his secret underground fortress.

There’s Treasure Everywhere!

Here you’ll find LED HD TVs, iPhones, Nintendo 3DS, Amazon Kindles, Beats Headphones and a whole lot more! Yep he’s going to get pillaged. So get ready as we open the doors as you get to take, take, take – take everything he has! We’re talking over $200,000 of luxury goods here!

Just 1 Point!

The best part is you only need one PartyPoint to take part. What is this? You let the russians in through the front door? Where are the vikings? Where are the pirates? Where are my panda protectors? I’ve told Zasko and Nordas to stand down from guarding the empire for a short time only. They will let you in just this once but don’t even think about it after 7th October. Start your raid now!


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