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After Alec Torelli brought fresh money to the table it was Faraz Jaka’s turn to top up.

But it was the two Spaniards Raul Mestre and Adrian Balaguer who played the so far biggest pot of this Big Game.

Set … and Another Set

Mestre 3-bets preflop with eights, Balaguer just calls holding aces.
An eight high flop and all the chips go into the pot. But it is Balaguer that takes down the €13,225 pot after spiking an ace on the turn.

While Raul Mestre is visibly unhappy about the loss, he reaches for his bag and takes out a huge yellow plaque (worth €10,000).

Raul Mestre

Meanwhile, Scott Baumstein is doing everything right at the moment. Good reads, great calls, well-timed bluffs, with €15,000 in winnings he’s leading at this table.

Upcoming Events

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