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It took a while, but Tony G finally joined the table. He immediately starts chatting. It takes him around 10 seconds to call Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates to the table to give him a massage.

As Jungleman is still waiting for his money to be transfered to the casino, he seems willing to get creative in working for money. Tony offers €1,000 for every minute of the massage. The Jungleman went for it for a couple of minutes … unfortunately we don’t know exactly how much he got actually paid for it.

Where’s The Action

As it was to be expected, Tony G is trying hard to push the action. He’s the first player at the table to put out a second live straddle. And he tries to get players to drink alcoholic beverages.

Raul Mestre is still trying to adapt to the table. He seems to be a rather tight player, not used to the idea of the Seven-Deuce Rule or Live Straddles.

Raul Mestre

The Big Game Freeroll

Remember that there’s a free roll on PartyPoker tonight at 7 p.m. CET. Be sure to play for your share of the $500 prize pool. You’ll need a password of course, which can be found here.


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