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Those of you who play the Jab, Contender, and Uppercut at partypoker on a regular basis will no doubt have noticed that earlier in the week, for a couple of days, their formats changed from re-enter to a standard freezeout.

It was a move that was well-received by freezeout lovers around the world, who should be delighted at the news of improved The Big Freeze arriving at partypoker for seven days from January 18, 2016.

The Big Freeze runs at partypoker from Monday 18 January through to Sunday 24 January and sees four of our most popular big guarantee tournaments have the re-entry format frozen and altered to a freezeout. This means you, and your opponents, get one bite at the cherry and one bite only – once you bust it is game over for you!

Despite the removal of re-entries from The Jab, The Contender, The Uppercut and The Main Event, the buy-ins remain unchanged and the tournaments’ massive guarantees stay the same. Meaning even more value is up for grabs!

The Big Freeze Schedule

Tournament Buy-in Guarantee When
The Jab $5.50 $10,000 Every night at 7pm GMT
The Contender $22 $20,000 Every night at 7pm GMT
The Uppercut $109 $50,000 Mon-Sat at 7pm GMT
The Main Event $109 $150,000 Sunday at 7pm GMT

If you’ve been on the fence about playing these value-packed tournaments then now is the chance to jump in and see first-hand why they are much loved at partypoker. You don’t even have to pay the full price to get involved because all four of the frozen tournaments can be bought into using tickets that you can win in Ticket Brawls and Tickets tournaments that start as low as $0.01!

Recently, one of our British players turned a single cent investment into a $9,625 payday by progressing through the various Tickets tournaments then winning the $50,000 Uppercut so it can be done.

Win Jab Tickets and Cash in Our Combo MTTs

Check out the tournament lobby and you’ll discover some brand new tournaments labelled as Combo. These exciting tournaments award tickets to either the Jab or Contender tournaments in addition to cash payouts.

Time (GMT) Tournament Buy-in Guarantee
02:30 Combo – $500 Gtd Turbo Rebuy $1.10 $500 inc 9x Jab tickets
13:30 Combo – $500 Gtd $1.10 $500 inc 18 x Jab Tickets
18:30 Combo – $1,000 Gtd $1.10 $1,000 inc 27 x Jab Tickets
20:30 Combo – $1,500 Gtd Turbo Rebuy $1.10 $1,500 in 9 x Contender Tickets
22:15 Combo – $1,000 Gtd Turbo Rebuy $1.10 $1,000 inc 9 x Contender Tickets
23:30 Combo – $500 Gtd $1.10 $500 inc 18 x Jab Tickets

It may be cold outside but the action is red hot here at partypoker. Good luck at the tables, run good but play better!

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