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We’re re-defining what it means to play one-handed. Our new fastforward: special edition poker app features a patent pending swipe-based interface that adds another gear to playing fastforward poker. You swipe your cards to fold and swipe your chips to bet or call. You tap the table twice to check and the tap the bet bar once or use the slider to change the value of your bet. You play in vertical mode and can control all aspects of the game with one hand.
We hope you will find it as intuitive, practical and interactive as we do!


 Click the image to see it in full size. 

I have an iOS iPhone – how do I get my hands on the fastforward: special edition app?

The new app is the stallion in our stable of poker products.  If you have an iOS iPhone and are eligible to play on our global site you could be among the first to take it for a real or play money BETA ride  – granted  that you accept that it is a BETA and like providing the type of feedback we need to iron out the kinks and decide which features to add next. See further down for feedback instructions.

1. If you live in  Austria, Sweden, UK or Ireland, you can download and install a “native” version straight from the App Store. Click on the App Store banner below for a direct link or just search for “partypoker fastforward” in your App Store.

2.   You can download and play a HTML5 version directly in your iPhone’s browser. Download the HTML5 version by tapping on the “download here” button below.

Austrian, Swedish, UK & Irish players:





All other players:

Note that it may take a while to load on slower connections, but will cache and open much faster on future attempts.

Support for other markets and devices, including Android phones, will follow later this summer.

How is this game different from the main partypoker app?

The fastforward: special edition game has been tailor-made for fastforward poker. It is an experiment in new technology – built in HTML5 – and a new approach to mobile poker interface design. We engineered it specifically for mobile handset users, after thinking about how we use these devices – or should use these devices – to play card games. The game is the same, but HOW you play is nothing at all like on other mobile poker games. A lot of creativity and new ideas went into designing the game user interface (the basis of the patents we have filed). While the main partypoker app also enables you to play fastforward games, we believe this special edition enhances the experience. The controls are more interactive and using just one hand is more practical.

What if want to play cash games and Sit & Go tournaments on my smartphone or tablet?

The fastforward: special edition app only supports fastforward poker. Please download and install the main partypoker app to play cash games and Sit & Go tournaments. Go to on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to download and install. If you’re reading this on a smartphone you can simply click on the banner at the top of the page or go to our fast forward poker app page!

I’ve tried the fastforward: special edition app, now I want to tell you what I think about it. What do I do?

Regardless of whether you’re playing for Real or Play money, we are very interested in your opinions and observations. You can provide your feedback here (comment below), by email to (subject HTML5) or on twitter (@partypoker) with the hashtag #HTML5.


  fastforward: special edition screenshots

partypoker-fastforward-special-edition-intro    partypoker-fastforward-special-edition-game-selection   partypoker-special-edition-game-interface

Can you master fastforward poker with just one hand like Mike Sexton?
Try our new fastforward: special edition app and find out!



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