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Can you imagine how amazing it must feel to earn $2,529.23 per hour? It’s a figure that most can only dream of. SkinMeAlive doesn’t need to dream because this aggressively-named partypoker player earned exactly that much during the latest edition of the $200K Guaranteed Sunday Major.

Why was his hourly rate so stupendously high? The reason is because he managed to outlast 1,006 opponents to become the last player the standing, the winner, the champion and with such titles came a whopping $27,400 prize and lifelong bragging rights among his friends.

Are you interested in how SkinMeAlive turned a $200 investment into $27,400 over the course of 10 hours and 50 minutes? If so, let’s take you to the nine-handed final table and see how the action went down.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Seat Draw (July 20, 2014)

Seat Player Chips
1 MaXiOwnS 512,627
2 Luckstaaarrr 175,531
3 Kraaaaak 915,175
4 enjoyin_iom 221,170
5 SkinMeAlive 746,056
6 Fitczkooo 300,165
7 Pivovich 1,052,108
8 beterpeter 371,862
9 P0kerV0rtex 740306

The finalists hadn’t even had chance to properly feel each other out before one of them busted out, and at the hands of the eventual winner, too.

Five hands into proceedings and Luckstaaarrr moved all-in from under the gun for 137,131 chips at the 7,500/15,000/1,500a level with . Two players folded, but SkinMeAlive had been dealt so was going nowhere. He opted to call and when everyone else folded the community cards were dealt.

A few seconds later, the board was in view. Luckstaaarrr crashed out in ninth place and collected $1,920.

Eighth place was settled 16 hands later in a relative cooler hand. Everyone folded around to beterpeter on the button and he min-raised to 30,000. P0kerV0rtex was in the small blind and he re-raised all-in for 472,407 in total. The big blind folded and beterpeter snap-called.

P0kerV0rtex flipped over a respectable , yet his was crushed by the powerhouse that is . The board was void of drama and P0kerV0rtex’s tournament came to an abrupt end. His finish was worth $2,400.

SkinMeAlive then helped himself to the stack of MaXiOwnS and was fortunate to do so. MaXiOwnS was down to slightly less than 10 big blinds when he saw SkinMeAlive raise twice the big blind to 50,000 from under the gun Looking down at on the button, MaXiOwnS jammed all-in for 223,189 and was called by the dominated .

The flop kept MaXiOwnS in front and on course for a much needed double up. Any thoughts of a double up were then all but dashed when the appeared on the turn. The fifth community card was the , which was of no help to MaXiOwnS and he was eliminated in sveneht place, a finish worth $2,900.

Five hands after MaXiOwnS’ demise, Fitczkooo was sent to the sidelines to collect $3,900 for his sixth place finish. SkinMeAlive min-raised from the cutoff to 50,000 and Fitczkooo called on the button. Pivovich made it 100,000 to play from the small blind and when the action passed back to SkinMeAlive he pushed all-in for 976,619. Fitczkooo called off his remaining 437,016 chips and Pivovich ducked out of the way.


It was a bad spot for Fitczkooo to be in as he was around a three-to-one underdog in the hand. The flop pushed him further behind, the on the turn meant he had to hit a jack and only a jack to stay in contention for the win, but the river was the and Fitczkooo was gone.

They say in order to win poker tournaments that you need to win your coinflip hands, which is exactly what SkinMeAlive did shortly after Fitczkooo’s seat had gone cold. By this time the blinds had increased to 15,000/30,000/3,000a and enjoyin_iom raised to 60,000 when first to act on the button. SkinMeAlive responded with an all-in bet of almost 1.9 million from the small blind, a bet that enjoyin_iom called, putting his remaining 419,660 chips on the line.

It was the of enjoyin_iom against the of SkinMeAlive, as near to 50/50 as you can get without actually being 50/50! Those odds shifted in SkinMeAlive’s favour when the flop came into play. The on the turn gave a few more outs to enjoyin_iom, but the wasn’t one of them and enjoyin_iom was resigned to a fifth place finish and its $5,300 payout.

On the next hand, SkinMeAlive took some time out from his self-appointed role of one-man wrecking crew to allow beterpeter to send a player to the rail, that player being Pivovich.

Pivovich was first to act in the small blind and he moved all-in for 208,408 with what turned out to be . Unfortunately for Pivovich, beterpeter was laying in wait in the big blind with and he made the call.

By the river the board read , the four on the turn being too little too late for Pivovich, who helped numb the pain of being eliminated with the $7,400 awarded to him for finishing fourth.

Seven hands into three-handed play and the largest pot of the tournament was created and beterpeter headed home. A raise to 90,000 on the button from SkinMeAlive was greeted with an all-in bet of 1,014,646 from beterpeter in the small blind and a fold from Kraaaaak in the big blind. SkinMeAlive called, showed and beterpeter the .

The 2,068,292 pot looked set to be shipped to beterpeter because by the turn the board read , but the river was the , improving SkinMeAlive to a pair of queens and resigning beterpeter to the $9,800 third place prize.

Neither SkinMeAlive or Kraaaaak could pull away from their opponent and it was surprising that neither player attempted to start deal discussions. Then, on the 48th hand of heads-up play, SkinMeAlive raised to 90,000 and then called when Kraaaaak three-bet to 250,000. Kraaaaak checked to SkinMeAlive on the flop and then check-raised all-in when SkinMeAlive set the price to play at 379,500. SkinMeAlive called to put Kraaaaak at risk of elimination.


SkinMeAlive was a substantial favourite to win the hand, but he had to avoid a jack or ace in order to take down the tournament. The on the turn gave the possibility of a chop, although those thoughts were eradicated when the competed the board, busted Kraaaaak in second place – worth $16,500 – and left SkinMeAlive as the last man standing in this week’s $200K Guaranteed Sunday.

partypoker $200K Guaranteed Sunday Final Table Results (July 20, 2014)

Place Player Prize
1 SkinMeAlive $27,400
2 Kraaaaak $16,500
3 beterpeter $9,800
4 Pivovich $7,400
5 enjoyin_ion $5,300
6 Fitczkooo $3,900
7 MaXiOwnS $2,900
8 P0kerV0rtex $2,400
9 Luckstaaarrr $1,920

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