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Tatjana Pasalic Big Game

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It’s been almost a week since I have come down to London and I am having the best time. Spent two days in Essex with Matchroom practicing my links, went to see ‘I love you Phillip Morris’ in Soho, met a load of my compatriots in Portobello and seen a boxing match.

Invite I got from Party Poker to join them for the boxing match

Talk about a busy life! One of the best evenings was definitely the invite I got from Party Poker to join them for the boxing match at Alexandra Palace. I have absolutely no knowledge of boxing whatsoever but sitting in the front row and witnessing a man saving his career only 30 seconds before the end of the last round was absolutely breathtaking.

Party Team does have a lot of fun together, I sat next to Tony G and he was pretty confident he will crush everyone at the table in the Big Game. We were both disappointed in Isildur for backing off just a day before the start and I must say he has broken my little heart too. I was hoping to at least see the man in the mask and ask him a few questions but maybe he wasn’t man enough to come?

I got the day shift and Kara Scott is on during the night

Ah well, he sure is missing out on tons of great stuff, there is an amazing game unfolding right before our eyes and the only thing that keeps me awake is the adrenaline as I stand on the rail and follow some of the biggest names in the industry throw their chips in the air.

It’s going to be a long day for all of us, I got the day shift and Kara Scott is on during the night but I have no idea how these players stay awake and concentrated. Might ask for some tips later on when the long hours kick in.

Oh better go, an eviction is about to take place!


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