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He sat down at the star-studded MILLIONS Online Main Event final table with a commanding chip lead, and apart from a few hands during the heads-up battle, Preben Stokkan held onto that lead. When the dust settled, only Stokkan had chips in front of him. How reward for such a scintillating performance? The title of champion, a coveted Party Ape NFT, and a cool $391,731 in cold, hard cash. Stokkan adds the 2022 MILLIONS Online Main Event to the MILLIONS Online Closer PKO title he won a couple of days ago, and the $10,000 High Roller at the 2017 Caribbean Poker Party!

MILLIONS Online #05 Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Preben Stokkan United Kingdom $391,731
2 Eelis Parssinen Finland $270,213
3 Ole Schemion Austria $186,168
4 Taco De Goede Malta $122,164
5 Alexandre Raymond Canada $84,186
6 Yannick Schumacher Austria $65,364
7 Lars Kamphues Austria $51,856
8 Adrian Mateos United Kingdom $41,407
9 Jans Arends Austria $32,971

Jans Arends was the first of the nine finalists to head for the exits. With blinds of 700,000/1,400,000/175,000a, Arends min-raised to 2,800,000 from under the gun with . Two players folded before Stokkan three-bet to 6,640,000 with the dominating . Yannick Schumacher folded in the small blind, Arends shoved for 21,130,593 in total, and Stokkan snapped him off. Stokkan’s king-kicker played on the board, and Arends was gone.

Eelis Parssinen got lucky and doubled through Stokkan with pocket nines versus the chip leader’s kings, before Adrian Mateos bowed out in eighth place and a battle of the blinds with Schumacher. Everyone folded to Schumacher in the small blind, and he open-shoved for 20 big blinds effective with , and Mateos called all-in with . Schumacher improved to a flush on the run-out, and that was the end of Mateos.

Big Flip Goes Stokkan’s Way

Lars Kamphues was the next to fall; he lost a flip against the seemingly unstoppable Stokkan. With blinds now 1,000,000/2,000,000/250,000a, Stokkan raised to 4,599,999 from the cutoff with and quickly called when Kamphues ripped it in from the button for 22,984,748 with . It was one of tournament poker’s many coinflip, and it went Stokkan’s way courtesy of the five community cards falling .

Schumacher was second in chips when six-handed play began, but the Austrian was the next grinder eliminated. First, Schumacher lost a huge chunk of his stack, then Parssinen got his hands on the rest of Schumacher’s chips. Schumacher’s final participation in the MILLIONS Online Main Event saw him min-raise to 6,000,000 with [Qd, Parssinen three-bet to 13,200,000 from the next seat along with and called when Schumacher jammed for 33,640,137 in total. Parssinen spiked an ace on the flop of the board and was now second in chips after sitting down at the final table as the shortest stack.

Fifth place and the last five-figure prize went to Canada’s Alexandre Raymond. From the small blind, Raymond open-shoved for 13 big blinds with , and Stokkan looked him up from the big blind with . A board reading reduced the player count by one, and left the MILLIONS Online Main Event on the Party Apes bubble, with the top three finishers securing one of the much sought-after NFTs in addition to their prize money.

De Goede Bows Out

Taco De Goede was that particular bubble’s bubble boy, losing out to the runaway chip leader, Stokkan. Parssinen raised slightly more than twice the big blind to 7,525,000 on the button with . However, the Finn got out of the way after De Goede ripped in his 74,145,825 stack with , and Stokkan four-bet to 140,766,650 with the . Stokkan turned a full house on the board, and now held three-times as many chips as both his opponents.

Heads-up was set when Ole Schemion crashed out in third. Schemion made it 14,000,000 to go from the small blind with , with blinds now 2,000,000/4,000,000/500,000a. Parssinen three-bet to 36,000,000 with , only for Schemion to shove for 166,977,690, and Parssinen called. Schemion bowed out after the five community cards fell , ouch!

Stokkan held a 406,989,129 to 355,455,380 chip lead over Parssinen and although Parssinen managed to briefly capture the chip lead, the night belonged to Stokkan. Having won a massive pot, Stokkan now held more than 730 million chips to Parssinen’s 28 million. Parssinen doubled up with versus courtesy of improving to a full house, but the fightback was short-lived.

The final hand saw Parssinen move all-in for 11 big blinds with , and Stokkan call with . Ace-high proved enough to win thanks to a run out. Game over for Parssinen and a MILLIONS Online Main Event title for Stokkan.

Spitale Leads From Start to Finish in the Mini Main Event

Argentina’s Franco Spitale is $100,480 richer than a few days ago after he came out on top in the $320 buy-in MILLIONS Online Mini Main Event. Spitale sat down at the final table with the title of chip leader and ended the night with the title of champion.

Luis Faria was the first of the nine finalists who fell by the wayside. Joao De Medeiros joined Faria on the rail, his exit opening the door for the five-figure scores to be awarded.

Brener Vicente was the first five-figure prize winner; his seventh-place finish came with $12,401. One by one, the players lost their chips, and the crowning of a champion came closer. Sander Totuli, Boris Angelov, Vicenzo Lupoli, and Peter Patricio each dusted off their stacks, which left Spitale heads-up against the dangerous Leon Sturm.

Nobody would have been surprised had the heads-up duo struck a deal because there was a $32,000 difference in the payouts. However, there was no deal, which meant Sturm had to make do with a $68,227 consolation prize when he fell at the final hurdle, leaving a delighted Spitale to head into the night with a $100,480 prize to show for his impressive victory.

MILLIONS Online #06 Mini Main Event Final Table Results

Place Player Country Prize
1 Franco Spitale Argentina $100,480
2 Leon Sturm Austria $68,227
3 Peter Patricio Brazil $46,543
4 Vicenzo Lupoli United Kingdom $30,860
5 Boris Angelov Bulgaria $20,997
6 Sander Totuli Brazil $16,014
7 Brener Vicente Brazil $12,401
8 Joao De Medeiros Brazil $9,833
9 Luis Faria Malta $7,667

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