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This week, you read all about the PartyPoker Grand Prix Summer Main Events on the PartyPoker Blog; it is time to learn who won the Pot-Limit Omaha edition. Three PLO PKO Championships crowned their champions, each turning a relatively small initial investment into far more substantial prizes. Keep reading to find out who those champions are.

You would think a player with the alias “StupidDonkey” may not know what they are doing at the poker tables, but it appears the PartyPoker player sporting that name uses that moniker as a reverse tell. Why? Because they are the freshly minted Grand Prix Summer PLO PKO Championship winner.

A field of 623 players bought into the event for $33, resulting in an $18,690 prize pool far greater than the advertised $15,000 guarantee. Half of that sum went into the main prize pool, with the remaining 50% placed on the heads of each entrant as a progressive bounty.

“The Boss164” did not last long at the seven-handed final table, and they crashed out in seventh for a total prize worth $350. “Scotttthedog” joined the ever-growing list of busted players; their sixth-place exit came with $509 in prize money.

The final five became four when “Kid1591.” crashed out, and they were followed to the rail by “Sluchice” in fourth. Those impressive deep runs saw those players collect $589 and $600, respectively.

All three of the remaining players locked in more than $1,000 for their efforts when you included the juicy bounty payments. “Joker_James95” was the first of that trio to pad their PartyPoker bankroll with a four-figure prize, namely $1,027.

“Joker_James95″‘s elimination left “StupidDonkey” in a one-on-one battle against “HazzardH” for the title, the glory, and the now substantial final bounty payment.

The heads-up clash went the way of “StupidDonkey,” who added $1,944 worth of bounties to their $1,299 main prize pool score. Add those together, and a reward of $3,243 found its way to “StupidDonkey.” The runner-up headed into the night with $1,625.

Grand Prix Summer #10 PLO PKO Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 StupidDonkey $1,944 $1,299 $3,243
2 HazzardH $328 $1,297 $1,625
3 Joker_James95 $147 $880 $1,027
4 Slushice $15 $585 $600
5 Kid1591. $197 $392 $589
6 Scotttthedog $207 $302 $509
7 The Boss164 $136 $214 $350

“Hermiman2283” Turns $5.50 into $781 and a Title

The $5.50 buy-in Mini PLO PKO Championship attracted 1,582 PartyPoker players to the table, resulting in the $5,000 guarantee being blown out of the water by some $2,640. That chunky pot meant everyone at the seven-handed final table won more than 30 times their buy-in, with the champion taking home a prize worth precisely 142 times the $5.50 buy-in.

“Hermiman2283” was that player, the last person standing, and the recipient of $781. That prize resulted from a $492 payout plus $287 worth of bounty payments. “jhoni_u2” was the runner-up. They banked $661 for their efforts, which included $171 worth of bounties.

PLO is a crazy game in its own right, but throwing a PKO format into the mix makes it doubly so. You will find more of these tournaments in the lobby.

Grand Prix Summer #11 Mini PLO PKO Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Hermiman2283 $287 $492 $781
2 jhoni_u2 $171 $490 $661
3 Kallin95 $135 $310 $445
4 floppyblue99 $21 $208 $229
5 IChinDIapersLot $185 $143 $328
6 Pei-Dei $17 $102 $119
7 FooFighter22 $99 $71 $170

“Ninocabral77” is the Micro PLO PKO Champion

“Ninocabral77” is $154 richer than a few days ago after outlasting 1,086 opponents in the $1.10 Micro PLO PKO Championship. Both “Ninocabral77” and runner-up “elarabi2021” were active in eliminating opponents, which was reflected in their prizes.

$81 of the champion’s $154 score came from the bounty prize pool, while $34 of the $107 “elarabi2021” collected did so, proving playing aggressive poker is the way forward in progressive knockout tournaments.

Grand Prix Summer #12 Micro PLO PKO Championship Final Table Results

Place Player Bounties Prize Total Prize
1 Ninocabral77 $81 $73 $154
2 elarabi2021 $34 $73 $107
3 Subz3ro $13 $48 $61
4 ShimaneSuzanooo $2 $32 $34
5 Crixus1 $5 $21 $26
6 marinos79 $15 $16 $31
7 Finchy79 $3 $11 $14

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