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Our Daily Legends tournament some in a variety of shapes, sizes, and formats, but few are as popular as The Terminator. Unlike The Terminator, enjoying this PartyPoker tournament will not cost you your clothes, your boots, or your motorcycle, but an affordable $11.

The Terminator enters the battlefield and shuffles up and deals Monday through Saturday at 17:05 BST. It pays to be in your seat on time because The Terminator is a progressive knockout event, so you do not want players busting all over the place before you can win their bounties and you will miss out on some value.

There is a slight twist to The Terminator in that play takes place on seven-handed tables, just to keep you on your toes!

Those who cannot show up on time for whatever reason can buy in late. However, do not leave it too late because late registration slams shut the second the 10th level is done and dusted; each level spans eight minutes. Buy in at this late stage and your 50,000 starting stack will be the equivalent of 20 big blinds

It is at the end of the 10th level that you can no longer re-enter the fray. Only one re-entry is permitted while late registration is open, which prevent players with larger bankrolls from holding a distinct advantage over their opponents.

The Terminator Structure to Level 10

Level Small Blind Big Blind Ante
1 250 500 65
2 300 600 75
3 350 700 90
4 400 800 100
5 500 1,000 125
6 600 1,200 150
7 700 1,400 175
8 800 1,600 200
9 1,000 2,000 250
10 1,250 2,500 315

What Can You Win in The Terminator?

The prizes the Terminator offers are substantial in relation to the $11 buy-in because we have slapped a $6,000 guarantee on the prize pool. Half of your buy-in goes toward the main prize pool, with the remaining half going onto your head as a bounty.

Eliminate an opponent to win half of their bounty instantly, with the other 50% adding to your personal bounty, making you a more attractive target for your opponents, which spices up the action. Here is hoping that your bounty does not grow so large that an almost unstoppable cyborg is sent back through time to try claim it!

First place usually awards around $400-$500 plus any scalps you pick up along the way, which is not bad for a few hours’ worth of work, is it?

Are There Satellites to The Terminator?

Although the Terminator only costs $11 to enter, we are fully aware that this can represent a large chunk of some of our players’ bankrolls, plus there are many players that love to save themselves some cash by winning their seats via satellite tournaments.

There is a Daily Legends satellite for everyone because they come with buy-ins of $0.11, $0.22, $0.33, $0.55, $1.10, $2.20, with some of the $1.10 and $2.20 buy-in editions awarding $11 Daily Legend tickets. Imagine turning a $0.11 investment into a shot at taking down the Terminator. Get out there and make it happen!


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