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It’s been over a week since my last blog post. Since then I’ve played in Partypoker’s World Poker Open – a rather forgettable experience – and the English Poker Open another unspectacular result. I’m not getting too irritated though, it’s basically been a run of unlucky situations.

Overall, I’ve played pretty well, although I’ve mixed in a few dubious plays at times which I think is only natural when things aren’t going your way.

The World Open was some seriously tough poker, with a tough heat all-round and then being seated with Yevgeniy Timoshenko and Praz Bansi on your direct left is not a pleasant spot to be in. I really just couldn’t get much going and I’m not looking forward to seeing it air on TV.

With the structure like it is there’s really not much time for jostling and either you need to manufacture a spot or get lucky. It just seemed like I couldn’t do either and my first all in shove with [Ax][Jx] was called by [Ax][Qx] which I proceeded to lose.

The EPO was quite a decent event. I built the 15k starting stack up to 30k at one point during the day but finished with around 20k. Then early on the second day I made a few 3bets all ins that weren’t called and built it up to around 28k again but then 3bet with [7x][7x] and ran into [Ax][Ax].

The strangest hand I’ve ever played

I might’ve played the strangest hand I’ve ever played early on during the first day. Blind were 100/200 with a 25 ante. UTG made it 525, UTG+1 made it 1200, the HJ made it 3100, then there were another 2 calls to me in the BB and I looked down at [Kx][Kx]. I just shipped my 12k into the middle and everyone folded.

So that’s more a less the poker update. The WSOPE starts tomorrow with a 6 handed event. The casino is just around the corner from our apartment so I feel like that will be a good advantage for dinner breaks and getting there easily.

Otherwise, I’ve been quite the tourist in London and have been enjoying the city. I always thought the weather was supposed to be bad here, but from my sample size of 2 weeks they could look at challenging Queensland’s state motto of ‘Beautiful One Day, Perfect the Next’, well maybe not quite that good, but at least every second day is pretty perfect.


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